Jan Stringer with Bentley and Eden.
Jan Stringer with Bentley and Eden. Madeline Grace

MURGON SHOW: Record entries for dog show

SMALL country shows may not be as popular as they once were, but the Murgon Dog Show might just turn this around.

The Murgon Show Dog Show competition had over 380 entries this year.

A record high number of dogs were competing at the Murgon Show grounds this past weekend.

The Dog Show organiser and one of the judges Marilyn Dyckhoff was pleasantly surprised by this.

"It's a big increase from last year," Ms Dyckhoff said.

Ms Dyckhoff said they were more than happy with the huge turn out.

"Unfortunately a lot of these typical friendly country shows are now falling away. But, I think we've proved this time that it's definitely a bigger and better show than people thought," Ms Dyckhoff said.

With an increase in numbers there came an increase in dog breed variety.

"Some of the more interesting dogs are the French Bull-Dogs. You don't see many of them," Ms Dyckhoff said.

"We also had the first hairless dog we've ever had to judge here today. They're different dogs that's for sure.

"Because they're a new breed to showing we have to get used to the dog and they have to get used to us....they might do better next time."

Ms Dyckhoff said Dog Shows are also a wonderful opportunity for potential buyers.

"If someone is looking for a dog they can come along to shows and watch to figure out which breed of dog they want," Ms Dyckhoff said.

"Getting to meet a dog, dog to person, makes a big difference.

"At the end of the day you've got to figure out what suits you and your lifestyle. If you want to buy a well bred dog instead of adopting one in need of a home you've really got to make sure it's the right decision. More so you have to be sure you're not going to change your mind."

Ms Dyckhoff has over 35 years experience working in the dog show industry and really cares about dogs.

"You are that dogs everything for their entire life. It's a commitment," Ms Dyckhoff said.

"I have a few Minature Dachshunds. They're my everything."

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