Here are the crimes that rocked the South Burnett over September. File Photo.
Here are the crimes that rocked the South Burnett over September. File Photo.

CRIME WRAP: Crimes that shook the South Burnett this month

THROUGHOUT the month of September, South Burnett courts have seen some truly shocking, heartbreaking, and straight-up bizarre cases step through their doors.

Here are some of the biggest crime stories to hit the South Burnett this month.

Burnett man with thousands of child porn images sent to jail

A South Burnett man has been sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment after police found him in possession of thousands of child exploitation images.

While already serving a twelve month suspended prison sentence for possessing child exploitation material from April 2019, Steven Graham Wigg pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child exploitation material at Kingaroy District Court on August 19.

Between the three devices there was 2831 child exploitation images. 537 of those images were unique and 140 of those unique images fell within category one of the Interpol baseline.

There were at least 10 images of female toddlers also with their legs pulled apart exposing their genitalia. Two of those images showed the tip of an adult penis rubbed against the toddler's vagina.

For the beach of a suspended sentence of 12 months imposed at Kingaroy District Court on 24 April 2019, Judge Kefford found Wigg to be convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment committed during the operational period of the suspended sentence.

As a result Wigg will serve the whole of the suspended imprisonment.

In respect to the indictment charging Wigg with possessing child exploitation material dealt with in August, he was ordered to be imprisoned for a period of one year and nine months, eligible for parole on 12 January 2021.

Wigg‘s parole date will reflect one-third of the effect of the cumulative sentence being a cumulative period of two years nine months, a third of that being 11 months.


Angry son deliberately rams car into dad’s shop for revenge

A man has deliberately reversed his car onto a Murgon footpath and rammed into his parents shop in an act of petty revenge, a court heard.

Jay Scott Burnett pleaded guilty to seven charges before Murgon Magistrates Court on Tuesday, including the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, three fail to appears, a common assault, possessing drug utensils and two breach of bail offences.

At the end of last year, Burnett intentionally rammed his ute into a shopfront on Lamb Street, namely Murgon Moto and More. According to Defence Lawyer Lani Olafsson, the incident occurred following a dispute between her client and his father.

For the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, Burnett was sentenced to six months imprisonment and disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver's license for six months.

For the first fail to appear, he was convicted and fined $500.

For the second fail to appear, he was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment.

For the third fail to appear, he was sentenced to one month‘s imprisonment.

For the common assault, he received a fine of $500.

For possessing drug utensils, he was convicted and not further punished.

For the breaches of bail, he was convicted and not further punished.

The total cumulative sentence, adding up to 7 months and 14 days, was suspended immediately for 18 months.

All fines were referred to SPER and all items forfeited. Convictions are recorded.

A further four drug charges were mentioned before the court on Tuesday, including two supply charges and two possession charges. Messages found on Burnett‘s mobile phone allegedly include pictures of the drugs and a 294 page transcript of text messages.


COURT: Wheelchair-bound man set up meth lab for personal use

AN “incomplete quadriplegic” was sentenced to a suspended prison term for producing meth he claimed was to avoid regular enemas.

David Adolf Kuchtin pleaded guilty to ten offences and was sentenced at Kingaroy District Court on August 20.

During a search at warrant Kuchtin‘s home, police discovered a laboratory Kuchtin admitted he had used a day prior to produce methamphetamine.

Officers found 0.118 grams of meth in liquid form along with the necessary chemicals to convert it to a crystalline substance.

Judge Kefford said he had at various times since the accident used illicit substances to manage the pain and “gastrointestinal sluggishness” caused by the injury.

“Because of the injury, your nervous system causes your digestive system to slow, and I am told that you found the use of methamphetamine helps to regulate the system to enhance your capacity for self-toileting to defecate and that, without that assistance, you found that you were in need of regular enemas,” she said.

Taking into account his circumstances and plea of guilty, Kuchtin was sentenced on the charge of producing a dangerous drug to 18-months imprisonment, wholly suspended for a term of 18 months.

For the remaining charges he was convicted and not further punished.

All items seized were forfeited.


‘I’ll kill your kids’: Terrifying threats to police officer

A SENIOR constable was threatened with his family being burned alive while attending a domestic violence matter earlier this year, a court heard.

On arriving at the Kingaroy property in relation to a disturbance, officers were immediately confronted by the defendant, who began hurling abuse at them, saying “what the f-ck are you doing on my property you c-nts. Get the f-ck out of here. F-ck off.”

Police told the defendant their intention of speaking with the woman regarding a potential domestic violence matter.

The defendant tried to stop them and was subsequently restrained and handcuffed. While this was happening, he resisted police and yelled threats at them.

According to Sergeant Gangemi, while travelling in the car to the Murgon Watchhouse, the defendant persistently threatened one of the senior constables, saying “I‘ll kill your wife, kill your kids, and burn down your house while your family is inside.”

“He said he had a long memory and wouldn't forget the constable, and that he should watch out,” Sergeant Gangemi said.

For obstructing police, the defendant was convicted and fined $500, and the conviction is recorded.

For threatening an officer, he was convicted and fined a further $500. Both fines have been referred to SPER.


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