Snow and 113km winds hits south east Australia

Heavy snow has cut off towns in the Blue Mountains due to "dangerous" conditions on the Great Western Highway that has seen as much as 14cm settle on the ground.

The State Emergency Service NSW Blue Mountains Unit set up refuge stations earlier for people stuck on the highway.

"Because of heavy snowfall there were very dangerous conditions and some motorists were stuck on the highway," SES Public Affairs Officer, Ilana Render-rose told

Thick snow has also been falling in parts of Victoria, as the south eastern coast continues to battle severe winds that add more hazards to roads.

In the Yarra Ranges northeast of Melbourne, a child left fighting for life in a crash caused by a fallen tree that killed a female passenger in the car, remains in a critical condition, The New Daily reports.




The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the Great Western Highway has reopened, but NSW Police are urging motorists to take care when driving following a multi-vehicle crash in the states alpine region last night.

Just after 10pm on Friday night, police were travelling from Jindabyne to Thredbo came across two vehicles stopped in the road.

As the officers passing attempted to stop to help with the collision, they slid - along with two other vehicles - causing multiple crashes.

In total eight cars "lost control", leading to police to issue a warning about taking care when driving in snow and ice conditions.

BOM spokesperson, Craig Ryan, told steady snowfall was being reported in Katoomba, Goulburn, all across the Central Tablelands.

While there's no weather warnings in place regarding the snow, the "reasonable totals" are causing many locals to share images of it blanketing their backyards and communities on social media.

On Instagram, one resident in Orange shared a snap of their garden covered in a thick frost, while another in Blackheath shared their delight at waking up to snow this morning.

TV presenter Grant Denyer - who lives in Bathurst - shared videos of his property covered in "insane" snow falling on him and his two daughters.

His followers couldn't believe how heavy the snow was, describing it as "crazy", adding it must be "freezing".

In Canberra, stunning photos show he snow-dusted mountains following a night of heavy drop that saw the Giants and the Hawkes playing through a storm last night.

In NSW, there have also been aggressive winds with BOM confirming a 107km gust was recorded in Kiama while one of 113km smashed Bateman's Bay earlier today.

As the coast is bruised by a "deadly polar blast" metropolitan areas have seen things calm, with the severe weather warning in Sydney being cancelled the SES NSW advised.


Melbourne was smashed by ferocious winds of up to 120km/h as well as being given a coating of snow, with a BOM Victoria spokesperson telling the cold blast had brought snow to "low levels" of the state.

"We've had snowfall in Mount Dandenong, Eastern Melbourne and are currently experiencing a temperature of just under 7C," Dean Stewart said.

Victorians have been warned the wild weather is not over yet with cold, rain and strong winds sticking around this weekend.

The forceful winds are thought to have caused the tree to fall in the Yarra Ranges yesterday, that left a woman dead, a four-year-old boy fighting for life and two others, a man and a five-year-old boy airlifted to hospital.

It's believed the group are a family. Yarra Ranges Highway Patrol officers are investigating and will prepare a report for the Coroner, The New Daily reports.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued warnings Saturday morning as extreme wind gusts of up to 90 to 100km/h winds hit, exposing parts of the Gippsland coast including the Tidal River, Mallacoota and Cann River.

The State Emergency Service are advising that people should move their cars away from trees and possible falling debris, preferably moving them to an undercover location, secure loose items around your house, yard and balconies and keep clear of fallen power lines.


Yesterday, warnings of a "deadly polar blast" hit Australia's east coast and bringing extreme gusts and plunging temperatures.

The wild weather brought destructive winds and plummeting temperatures, with forecasters warning we're only on day three of a four-day winter storm which is likely to persist until Sunday.

Across most of New South Wales and Victoria, the extent of extreme winter weather could be the worst seen in at least three years.

"This could be the strongest cold outbreak so far this winter," the Bureau of Meterology's Michael Logan said.

"We'll see temperatures really plummet and snow levels down to 500m in Victoria and NSW and blizzard conditions in Alpine areas. It certainly is a real cold snap, now is the time to prepare."

The Bureau issued a number of severe weather warnings covering New South Wales, Victoria South Australia and Tasmania.

It's likely to only reach 11 degrees in Melbourne on Saturday and Sunday.

The gusty winds are expected to remain in eastern parts of NSW throughout Saturday as temperature in Sydney will struggle to get to 17C and drop overnight to 8C.

Blizzards are likely for Alpine areas above 1500m.

Three cold fronts in quick succession will bring heavy rain and winds to SE Australia. Picture: Sky News Weather
Three cold fronts in quick succession will bring heavy rain and winds to SE Australia. Picture: Sky News Weather

Conditions began easing into Friday evening but the Bureau of Meteorology warned windy conditions will stick around throughout the weekend.

"We have seen the worst of the winds [on Friday]," meteorologist Stephen Stefanac told AAP.

"On Saturday there will be fresh and strong winds but not as windy as [Friday]."

Authorities have urged people to remain vigilant as conditions will remain poor on the roads, including fallen trees.

Authorities have urged people to remain vigilant as conditions will remain poor on the roads, including fallen trees.

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