UPDATE 6.30PM: THE inquest into the death of Shandee Blackburn will resume on Monday.
Nineteen witnesses have already been questioned with another 33 still left as the coronial probe stretches into next week.
One of the first witnesses expected to be called will be Shandee's former boyfriend John Peros, who was acquitted by a jury of her murder in 2017.
He elected not to give evidence in the Supreme Court trial, which is the right of any person facing a criminal trial.
Saturday's edition of the Daily Mercury will feature a rundown of what has been heard so far.
The inquest continues next week.

UPDATE 3.45PM: TENSIONS spilled over in Mackay Coroners Court as witness William Daniel was twice cautioned after hurling abuse while giving evidence.

"What's your f***ing point n***a?" Mr Daniel asked barrister Craig Eberhardt as he was questioned during a coronial inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death.

"He'll continue wasting time like he had for the past six years."

Coroner David O'Connell warned Mr Daniel to use appropriate language on two occasions after Mr Daniel became aggressive under questioning by Mr Eberhardt.

"Can you do that for me… as I have a job here to try and find answers where I can," Mr O'Connell said.

Mr Eberhardt, acting for Shandee's former boyfriend who was acquitted of her murder in 2017, questioned whether or not he was lying about why he went to Western Australia after Shandee's murder.

A coronial inquest heard he had gone to visit his former partner and two-year-old son. Mr Daniel said she was also about to give birth to his daughter.

Mr Eberhardt pushed Mr Daniel on how he got the money for the plane ticket and he became argumentative during his testimony.

This is the third time Mr Eberhardt has questioned Mr Daniel in court, including during a committal hearing and a supreme court murder trial.

"I've been telling the truth the whole time," Mr Daniel said.

"Ain't no one f***ing trying to help me here n***a.

Mr O'Connell warned Mr Daniel again about his language.

"You're going to make it a very long process if you're going to get argumentative," Mr O'Connell said, before also requesting Mr Eberhardt ask his questions in a "non-confrontational" tone.

UPDATE 2pm: "THAT sounds f***ing stupid."

Key witness William Daniel said this during a coronial inquest after he was asked if he confessed to killing Shandee Blackburn on February 9, 2013.

"It never f***ing happened," he told Mackay Coroners Court today.

Mr Daniel has never been charged over Shandee's death.

"Do you know who was involved in the killing of Shandee Blackburn?" Counsel Assisting the Coroner John Aberdeen directly asked Mr Daniel.

William Daniel leaves the court at break during the inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death.
William Daniel leaves the court at break during the inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death. Caitlan Charles

"No," Mr Daniel said.

Mr Aberdeen: "Were you involved?"

Mr Daniel: "No"

Mr Aberdeen: "Were you present when it happened?"

Mr Daniel: "No."

Two police officers were in the court room as Mr Daniel gave evidence. He is the 16th witness to be called this week.

"So is it the case that really you don't know what you were doing on the night of the murder," Mr Aberdeen asked.

Mr Daniel agreed he did not know what he was doing that night but said he was not outside a unit - which is the site where Shandee was stabbed to death about 12.15am.

"If you can't remember the night how can you say that you were not there?" Mr Aberdeen asked.

"Don't know," Mr Daniel said.

"You weren't involved in anyway, you weren't present but is it the fact you can't tell us where you were?" Mr Aberdeen said.


Solicitor Kristy Bell, for Shandee's mum Vicki Blackburn, asked Mr Daniel if the reason he could not remember the night was because it was just an ordinary night and he agreed.

"Is it fair to say you were pretty shaken up about Shandee's murder," Ms Bell asked, adding that the two had gone to school together but were not friends.


The inquest has heard Mr Daniel allegedly "confessed" to his James St neighbour and close friend Levii Blackman that he killed Shandee.

But Mr Blackman gave two different scenarios where Mr Daniel allegedly said "I did it".

Priscilla Seden, William Daniel's mum, leaves Mackay Court House during the inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death.
Priscilla Seden, William Daniel's mum, leaves Mackay Court House during the inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death. Caitlan Charles

Mr Daniel told the inquest today he was probably fishing with his mum and girlfriend on February 8.

He was asked if he might have been fishing the following night, which was also the night of an Indigenous All Star football match.

Mr Daniel said no it was not the same night, but also said he watched the game.

His mother Priscilla Seden was also questioned today and told the inquest how she had watched the Indigenous All Stars match with Mr Daniel and his girlfriend on February 9, 2013 and then the three of them had gone fishing.

She said the night Shandee was killed she had returned to Mr Daniel's James St unit, where she was living, from her cleaning job after midnight and had seen all the lights on Boddington St.

"That's how I knew something happened down the road," she said.

Mr Daniel's evidence continues this afternoon.

UPDATE 12PM: A CENTRAL witness in the Shandee Blackburn inquest has denied carrying out a robbery that resulted in the 23 year old's death.

Norman Dorante repeatedly said he "can't recall" what his movements were the night she died on February 9, 2013.

Mackay woman Shandee Blackburn was murdered in 2013.
Mackay woman Shandee Blackburn was murdered in 2013. News Australia

Barrister Craig Eberhardt, for Shandee's former boyfriend John Peros who was acquitted of her murder in 2017, accused Mr Dorante of robbing and killing Shandee with his cousin William Daniel.

"But it was William Daniel who actually did it," Mr Eberhardt said.

Mr Dorante said "I can't recall none of this" and that it didn't happen.

Neither Mr Daniel nor Mr William have been arrested over Shandee's death and they deny any involvement.

"You are a liar. You are a thief. You are a robber. You are violent towards the women who are unlucky enough to be your partner," Mr Eberhardt said.

Mackay Coroners Court heard Mr Dorante has been jailed for domestic violence including threatening to anally rape a girlfriend and her mother to which he pleaded guilty.

"That's bullshit," Mr Dorante said.

Counsell Assisting the Coroner John Aberdeen asked Mr Dorante, who gave evidence via video link from custody, if he remembered getting a text from his then girlfriend warning him not to be walking around Boddington St at night after Shandee's death because it wasn't safe.

Mr Aberdeen asked if Mr Dorante responded with, "I'm all good, I'm the one who murdered her" before writing "it was just a joke (I) wouldn't do something like that".

"No I wouldn't have responded like that," Mr Dorante said.

"I don't believe I would have said something like that."

Mr Aberdeen questioned Mr Dorante about walking past the floral tribute for Shandee and his daughter commenting the flowers were pretty.

"Do you remember saying, someone should stomp on them?" Mr Aberdeen asked, to which Mr Dorante said "can't remember".

The inquest heard at the time he had been spending a lot of time with his cousin William Daniel and often stayed at his James St unit.

Mr Daniel is another key witness to be called this morning to give evidence during the inquest.

The inquest has heard evidence that Levii Blackman, who lived next door to Mr Daniel, spoke to the pair after midnight on the night Shandee died.

But Mr Dorante said he can't remember if he was with Mr Daniel or if he spoke to Mr Blackman saying it's "just too far back to recall".

Mr Dorante also said he "can't recall" an alleged conversation where Mr Daniel told Mr Blackman he had killed Shandee.

Mr Eberhardt asked Mr Dorante if he had been "doing robberies" around that time to fund an amphetamine habit.

"May have been," he said.

Mr Dorante was questioned about whether or not he carried a knife at the time and he said he "can't recall" any reason why he would carry a knife.

Mr Eberhardt said Mr Dorante told his then-girlfriend he carried a knife for protection and had admitted in the Supreme Court murder trial that he carried a knife.

"You've got the recordings," Mr Dorante said, referring to the transcripts Mr Eberhardt was reading from.

Mr Dorante became heated under questioning from Mr Eberhardt as he pushed the prisoner on not speaking to police because "he didn't want to be a dog".

"Who were you worried about dogging on if you didn't know anything about the murder?" Mr Eberhardt said.

Mr Dorante: "I just don't talk to police. I'm not a snitch."

The inquest continues.

INITIAL: POLICE and extra security will be present at Mackay Courthouse today as more witnesses are called to give evidence in the Shandee Blackburn inquest.

William Daniel will be among the first to step into the witness box this morning on day four of the coronial probe into what happened the night Shandee was brutally killed.

The 23 year old was stabbed between 23 and 25 times in her upper body on Boddington St as she walked home from work in February 9, 2013.

Barrister Craig Eberhardt, for Shandee's former boyfriend John Peros who was acquitted of killing her in 2017, alleged during the inquest Mr Daniel was a key suspect and would be committed to stand trial for murder "any day of the week".

He has never been charged and denies any involvement.

It is expected he will be questioned about his movements that night after the inquest heard testimony on Tuesday that Mr Daniel allegedly confessed to killing Shandee to Levii Blackman, who later blackflipped on what he initially told police and had since admitted he lied about what he knew in relation to Shandee's death.

On Monday Mr Eberhardt alleged that Mr Daniel had threatened him and his instructing solicitor as they were inspecting the scene of the murder.


Shannah and Vicki Blackburn leave Mackay Court House after the start of the inquest was delayed on day 4.
Shannah and Vicki Blackburn leave Mackay Court House after the start of the inquest was delayed on day 4. Caitlan Charles

Mr Eberhardt told the inquest a car pulled up in front of them and Mr Daniel yelled out, "Oi what are you doing back in Mackay? I'm going to get you."

Mr Eberhardt said Mr Daniel then made a motion like a machine gun with his fingers.

Yesterday the inquest was played a compelling CCTV footage compilation showing the police theory about what happened that night.

WATCH: Video shows last time Shandee was seen alive

LISTEN: Witness recalls the night of the murder


In the footage a movement was seen in some bushes on the opposite side of the road to where Shandee was seen walking down Juliet St towards Boddington St about 12.12am.

It was the last time she was seen alive.

Within minutes a dark figure was seen running across the road in what appeared to be the same direction and about 30 or 40 seconds later it was running back from where it came from.

The inquest so far: 

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