TWO decades of experience helped North Toowoomba's Graeme Kath assert his dominance on the Kingaroy bowling green.

Along with his teammates Ritchie Dixon, Jimo Hagen and Nathen Applegate, the formidable foursome cleaned up with the Kingaroy Four Men's Bowls Country Championships.

North Toowoomba proved to be unstoppable as it adjusted to the weather conditions and won all five of its games.

"I've been coming to this for about 20 years," Kath said.

Kath said they were able to fit in three games on Saturday despite storms forcing a break.

"We timed it well, we went in for lunch as the storm hit and then came out to play the last game," Kath said.

"But I struggled in the third (game)."

With the green dampened from the storm it slowed down to present a new challenge but drained quickly.

"We've got to play it a little different because it's holding a bit," Kath said.

"The short balls don't hold well on slower greens."

But Kath was all too familiar with how the Kingaroy greens would react after his decades of playing in the men's fours championships.

Local knowledge did not pay off for Wondai's Terry Kilford who struggled at the weekend.

"I've been playing good bowls all week," Kilford said.

"Just today I've been playing horribly; it's just damp or something.

"I don't know what it is."

Kilford said despite his poor form he was able to learn a lot from the competition, which had players from other clubs across Queensland.

"It gives you that bit of a challenge playing all the different clubs and all that jazz," he said.

From far and wide, and the wild west

THE 14-hour return trip was well worth it for Cunnamulla's Dennis Hogan who was excited to play on a green bowling green.

He travelled with seven other Cunnamulla bowlers on the 700km trip.

Hogan said he was well used to long distance trips to get a game of lawn bowls.

"Our nearest competition is 200km away, Charleville is the closest and the next closest is 300km, Quilpie," Hogan said.

"We have a roll every Thursday."

Despite the distances Hogan said the Cunnamulla Bowls Club had healthy numbers.

"We've got about 70 members," he said.

"There's not much else to do there."

Hogan said the little green on the Cunnamulla greens was under threat from kangaroos.

"There's kangaroos everywhere, I don't know what they're eating, they're just looking for anything slightly green," he said.

Pom-poms fly to keep moods high

TO KEEP the South Burnett bowlers on their game the ladies put on a cheerleading show of support.

Sharon Yeates and Charmaine MacLeod waved a light-up wand which played cheerful tunes in between ends to get a laugh from the men.

"We haven't got the short skirts but we've got the pom-poms," MacLeod said.

Yeates said her cheerleading efforts gave the men a kick and a laugh to help them through.


  • >> 1st Toowoomba R Dixon, J Hagen, N Applegate and G Kath 5 wins 58 ends.
  • >> 2nd Hamilton S Kelly, W Schmidt, R McKay and J Moore 5 ends 55 ends.
  • >> 3rd Gayndah M Williams, B Harris, A Harris and W Bellert 4 wins 1 loss 53 ends.
  • >> 4th Kadanga B Anderson, G Maher, G Dan and J Horne 4 wins 1 loss 52 ends.
  • >> 5th Cunnamulla B Ferguson, J Mills, N Hatchman and R Brain 4 wins 1 loss and 47 ends.
  • >> 6th Beenleigh P Langdon, T Carlyon, A Ferguson and R Smith 3 wins 2 losses 52 ends.
  • >> 7th Kingaroy B Johnston, D Clapperton, T Turner and G Turner 3 wins 2 losses 47 ends.
South Burnett

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