Cop tackles defendant in court

A POLICE prosecutor had to tackle a defendant to the ground after she tried to storm out of a court hearing.

The 18-year-old defendant was facing three serious charges of assaulting police and wanted to plead guilty without the recommended help of a free duty lawyer, despite her poor criminal history.

As Magistrate Michael Halliday read out the charges to Stephanie Elizabeth Boundy, he told her she should seek legal advice as she was in jeopardy of going to jail.

"I know what I do is wrong but I don't care," Boundy said.

"F*** this I just want to plead guilty and get out of here.

"If you make me see some **** and I have to come back here I'm not coming back."

She threw her arms in the air and said "f*** it", and walked away from the bar table.

Mr Halliday told her to stop, and when she refused, police prosecutor Senior Constable Brad Dick intervened. Snr Const Dick took Boundy by the arm and she lashed out and started struggling violently, screaming profanities.

Snr Const Dick took her to the ground quickly, where she was restrained until three State Government security officers arrived and Boundy was handcuffed.

As she screamed and continued to struggle she was taken to the watch house via a lift, which echoed her moans until she was placed in a padded cell.

The magistrate ordered that Boundy be assessed by a mental health worker and that she see the lawyer.

The case was adjourned, and at 2pm Boundy appeared from the dock, where her lawyer entered pleas of guilty to three counts of assaulting police on May 30.

The court heard Boundy had fled when police tried to talk to her in the Ipswich Mall about a stealing matter.

When caught she punched an officer in the chest twice and scratched two officers on their arms, drawing blood.

Boundy is serving probation for assaulting a nurse when she was an involuntary patient at a Wacol mental health hospital.

She was fined $500 for the May 30 offences, and the QT understands police won't press charges for Tuesday's actions.

Mr Halliday said Boundy was not entitled to blame her poor behaviour on her past and she "must move forward".

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