THE STRIKE team of Kingaroy Tenpin Bowl's Disability League proved too much to handle for the regular league.

Thirty-two players from both leagues faced off on Saturday for the bowling challenge, and the disability players won convincingly.

Andrew Swindale won the Restricted Masters at the 2014 Queensland Disability Championships and took his impressive form up against the Kingaroy centre manager Morty Douglass.

"It's a bowling challenge against Morty," Swindale said.

"He is pretty good, Morty is.

"(But) we'll beat them."

Backing up the smack talk

The smack talk between sides was constant but every time a strike was bowled the whole centre erupted with cheers, no matter which team knocked down the pins.

Douglass, who finished fifth in the 2014 Australian Championships, got his fair share of strikes and every time he did it was Swindale first in line to give him a high five and pat on the back.

"I understand you're in front but we're coming," Douglass said after the first game. "Don't get too cocky."

After one game the disability league was ahead by nine pins and it's momentum continued to build.

"Normally this format is won by one or two pins, so for us to be nine pins behind after one game, we were in a bit of trouble," Douglass said.

"We've got an even spread (of players) there's about 14 of us and 18 of them but in this format it doesn't matter because it's just about bowling over average.

"They've been bowling pretty well since the State Championships.

"And they get pretty hyped up in this environment, they're playing us so they heckle and carry on and they give us a bit of a touch up."

At the end of the four games it was clear the disability bowlers had played far too well for their competition.

"The Endeavour guys, they smashed us," he said.

Performing at their peak

Douglass said the four-game format rewarded the team that bowled the most points over its average score.

"They can have a couple of bowlers that bowl a bad game as long as you've got a few bowlers who bowl a good game," he said.

And the Disability League players stepped up to be counted with their scores well and truly higher than their averages.

"They had 12 bowlers that bowled over their average, it was insane," Douglass said.

"We had one lady in our team who shot 100 over her average, and it wasn't enough, we still got smashed."

Full of confidence

Jessica Allen played for the regular league team and said it was always tough coming up against the fired up disability players at the end-of-year event.

"They thrive on it," Allen said.

"They were all going 'we're going to beat you, were going to beat you.'

"It's something they all really look forward too."

Douglass said the "everyone else versus the disability league" was an event everyone looked forward to.

"The last time we won by the narrowest of margins, so they were obviously out to beat us today, we're getting smashed."

"So we have a challenge three times a year or so, where they come along and bowl against us.

"And today the juniors are having a bowl and it's a bit of a break up for us as well."

The leagues at Kingaroy Tenpin will take a break over the Christmas holidays but the centre will be opened for social bowling.

Phone 4162 4544.

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