A classic Vespa seen in one of Toowoomba’s iconic laneways
A classic Vespa seen in one of Toowoomba’s iconic laneways

Do you Vespa? This group wants you to join the ride

A small band of dedicated Vespa owners in the Toowoomba area are looking for more Vespa riders to join them.

Vespa is Italian for "wasp", and the superb lines and styling of the Vespa scooter certainly have a curvy shape!

Vespa clubs are a world wide phenomenon, and the Toowoomba Vespa enthusiasts are members of the Vespa Club Brisbane.

With more local members an official Toowoomba branch of the VCB could become a reality. Vespa club member are of all ages and levels of experience, with old and new model Vespa scooters. (Any model is acceptable as long as it's a Vespa.)

Scooters of all kinds have been popular commuter vehicles since the early 1960s. Piaggio launched the original Vespas as a means of cheap, convenient transport after the World War 2 had ravaged Italy.

The front suspension on a Vespa is unique to the brand, borrowing the design from aircraft undercarriage. This was designed to combat potholes in the roads. The easy step-through seat made it accessible to all ages, and different types of dress.

Movies made in the '60s such as "Roman Holiday" and "Quadrophenia" popularised the Vespa, which was now prevalent all over Europe, especially in Britain, where the "Mods" (on Vespas and Lambrettas) clashed with the Rockers (on motorbikes). Who could forget Audrey Hepburn, in "Roman Holiday", who added coolness and super-style to Vespa riding!

Nowadays scooters of all kinds and makes are everywhere. There are new fully electric versions, too. Scooters are light weight and manoeuvrable, run on the smell of an oily rag, and are simply pure fun to ride! The modern scooters are fully automatic, "twist-and-go", but it's the restored classic Vespas which turn heads with admiration.

Vespa scooters range from the small 50cc 2-stroke models which can be ridden in Qld with your car licence, up to the 300cc which can cope with any highway speeds. All scooters are able to be ridden with the RE motorbike licence, and there are even maxi-scooters which rival the biggest road bikes for comfort and convenience.

Vespa Club members enjoy meets in local areas, coffee get-togethers, camping weekends and show-and-shine events. Club members share information about restoration, maintenance, and all things Vespa.

They also enjoy generous discounts from our sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a member of VCB Toowoomba branch, please contact Geoff on 0491 727 666

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