DOG ATTACK: 'It still needs to be controlled'

FRASER Coast Chronicle readers have weighed in on the news a man and his dog were mauled by an off-leash dog while walking.

On Friday, about 6.30am, John and Mary Day were walking their 12-year-old labrador Randy when an off-leash dog ran towards them.

The attack left Mr Day, 71, and Randy with puncture wounds and shaken.

Shannon Wheat: Off leash is off leash.

I'm so sick of people thinking my dogs are vicious because they are a large breed.

As long as they are trained and socialised it's not a problem.


Erica Suter: So many happen in areas that are meant to be on leash.

It's irresponsible owners in the end. If you can't control an animal it's to remain on leash in public regardless if it's in off-leash times or not.

Josh Hobbs: Even if your dog is in an off-leash area it still needs to be controlled.

Emma Kate: Surely one knows their dog well enough to know whether they can be trusted off leash or not.

Susie Huerta: Would love to take my boy but I don't trust him with other dogs.

Therefore he stays on the leash.

Be responsible.

Marilyn Bish: The reason why I do not take my baby to off-leash areas.

Jason Meldrum: I have a staffy go unleash beach but I always walk far away from other dogs and I still get people complain about my dog but I look after him.

Jessica Retallick: I have a staffy and I still have to keep her on a lead because others are judging her.

But I do carry a stick because she has been attacked before by larger dogs and I will defend my dog.

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