Dog attack sparks warning

THE owners of dog which was attacked at Minyama have warned others to be careful walking their pets in the same area.

Charlie, an eight-year-old king charles cavalier spaniel-poodle cross, needed eight stitches after the attack near Jessica Park on the weekend.

His owners, a Minyama couple who do not want to be identified, suspect the dog which attacked him was one of two involved in another incident at Minyama recently.

The husband was walking Charlie on a lead from Jarrah St through to Jessica Park about 6pm last Saturday when he was set upon by one of two dogs being walked on a lead by another man.

One of the dogs latched on to the cavoodle and shook him.

Charlie was released when the owner of the two dogs forced the offending dog to release him.

"His owner pulled the dog and kicked him and said sorry and walked off," Charlie's owner said.

She said the extent of Charlie's injuries only became apparent later at home.

They took him to the vet the next morning who cleaned his wounds, inserting two drains to clear fluid and eight stitches for four large puncture wounds.

Charlie is on painkillers.

His owners said the dog which attacked him was one of two pit bull or staffordshire terrier-type dogs.

A neighbour later told them that she had been knocked over by two dogs of similar description in the same area late last year.

Charlie's owners said the dog owner should not walked both dogs at once if he couldn't control them.

"If somebody has a big dog, they should be able to control it or not have one."

They said it would be nice if the owner of the two dogs, who may not be aware of Charlie's injuries, came forward to pay for the vet bill of $600 so far.

But their main objective in publicising the attack was to prevent an animal or person from being injured.

"Nobody wants to see this sort of suffering, and he really did suffer."

A Sunshine Coast Council spokeswoman said a report was received in September about a roaming dog of similar description to that in the recent incident attacking another dog in Minyma and knocking its owner to the ground. The owner of the dog which attacked was ordered to comply with the council's containment rules and no further action was taken.

The spokeswoman said any incidents involving aggressive dogs should be called in on 5475 7272.

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