Don't take the risk: If it's flooded, forget it

Motorist risks floodwaters at North Arm-Yandina Creek, east of Targoo Road, this week.
Motorist risks floodwaters at North Arm-Yandina Creek, east of Targoo Road, this week. Patrick Woods

Unless you've been living under a rock, or underground, you'll know Queensland has been hit with an unseasonal big wet.

The massive downpour across central and southern parts of the state reached levels not seen since Cyclone Debbie smashed the coastline in March.

Some affected regions have seen a month's worth of rainfall indays - and while it's been good for the garden, it's caused havoc on our roads.

We've heard the heartbreaking story of a man's body being pulled from the wreck of a car, after it was swept off a flooded causeway at Gympie. The 67-year-old disappeared in front of his wife, after he went to retrieve their car from floodwaters.

It's a tragic reminder of "If it's flooded, forget it”. In severe storms the power of floodwaters is often phenomenal and far too often underestimated.

If you're driving in the rain, remember to turn your lights on, slow down and make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front. If the rain becomes heavy and you no longer feel comfortable driving, it's always best pull over where the shoulder is wide enough and it's safe to do so.

If the road is affected by floodwaters, even if it's only partially submerged, don't even consider it. While your car can be replaced, you are far more precious.

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