Drug dealer took 'risk' turning on bikie contacts

WHEN Ipswich drug dealer Neville Desmond Rohl turned on alleged bikie contacts he had to be taken into protective custody.

Now he claims the jail term he was given did not take into account the risk he took.

Rohl pleaded guilty last year in the Brisbane Supreme Court to supplying and possessing dangerous drugs.

He was sentenced to about six years jail - including 15 months he had already spent behind bars. He will be eligible to apply for parole on September 23, 2015.

Police caught Rohl, who was a meth addict at the time, after they intercepted the text messages of a prostitute he was supplying drugs to.

Police arrested him and found two lots of meth worth $11,000 each in his car.

Police also intercepted messages between Rohl and two allegedly patched Hells Angels members.

On Thursday Rohl appealed his sentence, claiming the evidence he gave to police about the accused bikies - which he was taken into protective custody for - was not taken into account.

The Court of Appeal heard while Rohl's offences were at the upper end of the supplying dangerous drugs charge, the sentence he received was similar to what would be expected for the more serious trafficking dangerous drugs charge.

In appealing his sentence Rohl claimed he knew the people he was turning against were dangerous - and took a risk to his safety to make statements against them - but his jail term did not recognise this.

But Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle said Rohl's sentence was justifiable as he committed the drug charges while on parole and on a suspended sentence.

"The total concurrent sentence is not disproportionate to his overall criminality," he said.

The court reserved its decision to be released at a later date.

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