Drug-fuelled rampage leads to jail time

A MAN who removed a catheter from his penis with no medical assistance while on a methamphetamine rampage has been sentenced to two years behind bars.

Justin Brian McMahon, 37, pleaded guilty to an array of charges including serious assaults on police officers, various counts of wilful damage and obstructing police at the Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Police prosecutor Nick Nitschke said on November 11, 2010, McMahon was involved in a stand off with police at a Gladdy St, Kingaroy, address.

The stand off lasted from 8pm until noon the next day; McMahon locked himself upstairs and threw pieces of paper on fire towards two police officers.

Sergeant Nitschke said McMahon threatened police with a large knife/small sword.

He also constantly threatened police saying he would burn the building down

"It was not resolved until mid-day, a special emergency response team from Brisbane had to come down," he said.

"Occupants in surrounding units were all evacuated."

Later, when McMahon was in police custody at Murgon Police Station, he complained of shoulder pain and was taken to the Murgon Hospital.

Sgt Nitschke said McMahon was agitated and highly aggressive.

"He ripped out a syringe of blood and threw it at police," he said.

Sgt Nitschke said large droplets landed on the chest of a police officer and the walls of the room.

Defence solicitor Travis George said McMahon was on drugs when the incident occurred.

"One could infer he was extremely high on meth," he said.

"He removed a catheter from his own penis without any medical assistance and just carried on.

"The use of drugs is never an excuse, but it's somewhat of an explanation."

Sgt Nitschke also said McMahon had blood in his mouth and spat it at the police before he was sedated and transported back to the Murgon lockup.

On November 12, 2010, before facing the Kingaroy Magistrate Court, Sgt Nitschke said McMahon kicked the watch house door with extreme force rending it broken.

Police officers then tried to subdue him in the exercise yard when he fought back against police.

A sergeant at the Kingaroy Police Station had to knee McMahon in the groin before officers were able to restrain him and place him back in a cell.

Defence solicitor Mr George said the incident at the court house occurred because McMahon found out through the "prison grape vine" his legal representative was an ex head police prosecutor.

"This led him to become very upset and to taking his anger out," he said.

Mr George said his client had spent much of his life in and out of prison after he left school in Year 7 and was left in the care of his criminal uncle.

McMahon had tried to turn his life around behind bars by getting a white card, first aid certificates, and a welding certificate.

Mr George said McMahon hoped to work in the mines eventually.

Sgt Nitschke said McMahon's criminal and traffic history was not flattering and included robberies with a weapon and discharging a weapon on private property.

Magistrate Barry Barrett sentenced McMahon to two years' imprisonment.

The sentence was suspended after half was served and McMahon can expect to be released in June 2013.

"You were drug affected, which provides and explanation for the siege," Magistrate Barrett said.

"No one is saying anyone excuses it."

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