A few to many drinks ended badly for these locals, who found themselves before the courts last year. File Photo.
A few to many drinks ended badly for these locals, who found themselves before the courts last year. File Photo.

Drunken escapades: Crimes under the influence in 2020

Booze and bad decisions tend to go hand-in-hand, but for these South Burnett locals, a few too many drinks ended in disaster in 2020, seeing them explain their questionable actions before the courts.

Woman attacks ex’s car with mop, throws rock through window

A South Burnett woman has dirtied her clean criminal record after beating her ex partner’s car with a mop and throwing a rock through his window.

The defendant entered a plea of guilty to a number of charges before Murgon Magistrates Court, including contravening a domestic violence order, wilful damage, and failing to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police were called to a Maryborough residence on February 2, 2020, after a window was reportedly smashed at 3.30 in the morning.

“The victim stated he was at home, with a witness to the incident, and heard glass smashing in the front of the house,” Sgt Stevens said.

Walking to the front of the house, he spotted the defendant standing on the veranda screaming abuse at him.

“The victim said he then saw the defendant walk underneath the house and could hear banging sounds on his vehicle. He said he later observed the defendant at the rear of the house, where she’d destroyed a mop,” Sgt Stevens said.

Police saw the vehicle had a number of dents in the rear, which were consistent with a mop handle.

On October 10, police were called to the defendant’s home, where she lives with her three children, following reports of a disturbance.

“The defendant and the aggrieved started to consume alcoholic drinks, and as the afternoon got on, the defendant became increasingly agitated toward the aggrieved. After eight drinks, the defendant went into the kitchen and started throwing some items around. This included CD’s, food items, and personal property,” Sgt Stevens said.

“A child entered the kitchen to try and calm down his mother and is told to ‘p-ss off’.”

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair placed the defendant on an 18 month probation order, with two special conditions including participation in both domestic violence and alcohol abuse counselling.

Convictions were recorded.

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One drunk mini motorbike ride ends in massive fine

One small motorbike left a Nanango man without his licence and $1000 out of pocket after he made a drunken joy ride into town earlier this year.

Jake Camen Cutter, 30, pleaded guilty to one charge of driving under the influence of alcohol in the Nanango Magistrates court on Thursday, June 4.

He appeared via telephone in the Kingaroy Magistrates Court to have his charge heard and sentenced.

The court heard Cutter was intercepted on Henry St making a quick trip into Nanango on his miniature motorbike on April 28 to fill the bike with petrol and put air in the tyres.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Pepe Gangemi said Cutter provided a breath alcohol analysis of 0.173 per cent, more than three times over the legal limit of 0.05.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said he took into consideration Cutter’s early plea of guilty when imposing a sentence but said with a reading this high the court is not able to allow the painter and decorator to apply for a work licence.

“While you may not have been much of a danger to other motorists on this small motorcycle you were certainly putting yourself in risk of a serious injury,” he said.

Cutter was fined $1000 and his licence will be suspended for a further eight months.

A conviction was recorded.

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Drunk man speeds through Murgon on wrong side of the road

A man who decided to get behind the wheel after drinking half a carton of full-strength beer was served a suspended prison sentence.

On May 30 at around 4.55pm police in Murgon observed Jacob James Kingsley Frahm stumble out of a house before entering a white rodeo car parked on the side of Webster Street.

Frahm started the car and drove down Webster street before doing a quick U-turn on to Pearson Street.

He then accelerated through intersections on Cooper and Jefferies Street before approaching Harm Street, speeding through another intersection.

Frahm was observed by police driving between 70-75 kilometres per hour in a 50 zone, failing to slow down at give way signs.

After following the defendant through Armstrong Street, police observed the defendant driving in the middle of the road before continuing on the wrong side of the road.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said it was fortunate there were no cars coming at the intersections.

“Being a Saturday afternoon, it is very realistic to expect there to be young children around town,” Sgt Stevens said.

“The defendant has twice been convicted of similar offending, which goes to show he is not taking it as seriously as he should.

“When police intercepted his vehicle, he blew a reading of 0.108 and had his license suspended.”

For driving without due care Frahm was sentenced to three months imprisonment on a 12 month suspended sentence and was disqualified from holding or obtaining a license for 12 months.

For driving over the middle alcohol limit, he was given a 12 month probation order and was disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for five months.

In relation to driving unlicensed he was given a 12 month probation order and disqualified from holding or obtaining a license for two years.

Convictions were recorded on all matters.

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Stolen choccy bar wins man golden ticket to court

A chocolate bar came at a steep price for a South Burnett man, after he attempted to give himself a five-finger discount for the sweet treat at an IGA Supermarket.

At a cost of $150, Shannon Smith bought himself a golden ticket straight to Murgon Magistrates Court, where he pleaded guilty to the three charges, including stealing, driving without a license, and driving away from the scene of a car crash without exchanging details.

On April 9, 2020, Smith was involved in a two-vehicle crash on Frederick Street at Boronia Heights.

The defendant, who was the driver, left the scene without speaking to anyone,” police prosecutor Barry Stevens said.

“Police later spoke to him and he said he was aware his licence was suspended at the time of the crash and that’s why he left.”

On July 25, 2020, Smith was charged with stealing food from IGA after slipping a chocolatey treat down his trousers.

“The defendant attended the business and placed a chocolate bar down his pants. It was seen and he was told to put it back. They later reviewed CCTV footage that showed he didn’t.”

“Police later spoke to him and he said, ‘I must have been drunk’.”

For the driving offence, Smith was convicted and fined $340, and disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for three months.

For driving away from the scene of a car crash on Frederick Street, he was convicted and not further punished.

For the stealing, he was convicted and fined $150.

Convictions were recorded and all fines referred to SPER.

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