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Dumb thief nabbed by selfies uploaded to the cloud

DUMB thieves took selfies using a stolen computer tablet but its owner had the last laugh when she spotted their smiling mugs uploaded onto her digital storage cloud.

One of the lads, Kamahl Duncan, was recognised by police and arrested, and appeared in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court on a series of charges including being a passenger in a stolen car.

The court heard the car had been jacked by three males when its owner stepped out to open a gate at Drayton.

Duncan told the court although he was later found riding in it, he'd not been one of the three who first drove off in it.

Kamahl Jeremy Scott Duncan, 18, from Toowoomba, pleaded guilty to receiving tainted property at Harristown on May 23; receiving tainted property on May 25; unlawful use of a motor vehicle; trespass on June 23; possession of a knife in public; and possession of a syringe.

Prosecutor, Sergeant Paul Caldwell said three Samsung Galaxy Tablets, jewellery and cash was stolen from a house in Toowoomba on May 23.

Then on May 26 a photo was taken of Duncan when using one of the stolen Tablet's then uploaded to the victim's storage cloud.

There were photos of two people, including Kamahl Duncan.

Sgt Caldwell said police later searched a house at Strathpine looking for a co-accused but did not find any personal property or items from any offences.

"Police were told they had moved out and were aware that police were looking for them," he said.

Sgt Caldwell said at 7.25pm on June 23 a man was in his Hyundai Tucson wagon at Drayton when he got out to close a gate.

When he turned he saw two males seated inside the Hyundai and a third male standing between him and his wagon.

"No, no, no don't do this," he yelled.

The three drove off and left its owner behind to flag down a passing driver for help.

However, the thieves didn't realise the victim has left his mobile phone in the wagon was able to track it.

Police were informed of its whereabouts as it drove toward Ipswich and the Polair helicopter was called in to watch its route from above.

Sgt Caldwell said at 9.25pm in Silkstone three males ran from the Hyundai in Napier Circuit then to Cambridge St where they jumped fences and hid in yards.

Tracked down by police, Duncan and his two mates were arrested.

Duncan was found with a capped syringe and a knife.

"He says he was helping his aunty with her cooking and forgot all about having it," Sgt Caldwell said.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Duncan only had "momentarily possession" of the Samsung Tablet and the other people who had it used it to take the photos.

"But he knows it is stolen," Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said.

"Yes, he should have disassociated himself," Mr Hoskin said.

"Three people took the vehicle when he was at home about to watch the State of Origin game."

"Two arrived at his home saying lets go do some laps and then decided to bring it down here (to Ipswich).

"He took part in the drive down from Toowoomba. He knew it was stolen."

Ms Sturgess said it was of great concern Duncan wasted time offending, being in possession of a tablet that was stolen, and travelling in a stolen car.

Ms Sturgess sentenced Duncan to a 15 month probation order.

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