Election heats up as the democracy sausages split the booths

AS THINGS heat up in the NSW election, the gruelling task of peeling oneself out of bed calls for some high-protein sustenance … in the form of a "democracy sausage".

Social media has gone mad with voters either bemoaning the un-Australian oversight of their snag-free polling booths or praising them for putting on a great wurst show.

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Twitter hashtag #democracysausage is trending, and even Premier Mike Baird has thrown his two cents in… or two dollars, as the case may be (three with bacon).

The state's top man said he would eat every sausage he saw on his tour of polling booths.

Trustworthy sources within APN's network of tong-wielding barbecue masters tell us he has walked past at least three different sausage sizzles without partaking in the past five hours.

Maybe more.

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Either way, we are appalled Mr Baird is already breaking election promises before the votes have even been counted.

But at least he appreciates the mighty snag.

Listen to the satisfied moaning in the below video for proof.

The Twittersphere has gone gangbusters with tubular meat-related posts in the past few hours.

Michael Slezak (@MikeySlezak) felt duped by Sydney's high cost of living when he posted: "Double Bay. Where an Election Day sausage costs $4".

That's atrocious, Mike. We feel for you.

A website directing hungry voters to polling booths with barbecues (cake stalls and vege options, too - yuck) has racked up 337 pinpoints on the map.

The www.electionsausagesizzle.com.au website's previous record was 1470 stalls - but that was for a Federal election, so fair shake of the sauce bottle.

The Greens even hit a snag when they were forced to clarify their position on democracy sausages, after a joke article claimed they were trying to have them outlawed.

The story on satire website unAustralian (it even uses The Australian's logo, upside down) said people were sick of the horrific "smell of burning dead animals" and "giant phallic symbols".

"They could sell tofu or salad or mung beans, it's not all about meat you know. A lot of my friends love mung beans," a Greens spokesman supposedly said.

Plenty of gullible fools have fallen for the ruse, forcing The Greens to make a public statement in support of election-day sizzlin'.

"In these dark days where Princes are made into Sirs, onions are eaten raw, poor people are apparently unable to drive and the entire Abbott government has become a satire of itself, many folk thought this story was true," the statement said.

"The story was not true. The story was a gag, a joke, a satirical piece of penmanship.

"For the record, The Greens love sausage sizzles - with or without onions."

So do we. Might go have one now, actually.

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