IT WAS a night as stormy and turbulent as the afternoon that preceded it.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been returned for a historic third term as Labor storm through the state, with a 4 per cent swing to the party state wide.

The LNP appear to have lost ground, failing to gain any seats from Labor and losing some key seats in the process.

Before the results began rolling in after polls closed at 6pm, the election appear to still be on a knife's edge - with neither party expected to win majority.

LNP volunteers at the Kingaroy State High School polling booth, including Deb Frecklington's sister Jackie Allery, were quietly confident - remarking "polls can be wrong".

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This turned out to be correct, but not in the way they were hoping.

While there was early success for Mrs Frecklington tonight, with the opposition leader claiming an early win in her seat of Nanango, the rest of the results haven't been that positive.

Despite increasing her primary vote from the 2017 election slightly, the LNP will remain in opposition for four years.

Mrs Frecklington spoke in Brisbane - congratulating the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and confirming she would not be standing down as the leader of the LNP.

"I promise that the Liberal National Party will continue to play its part in our democracy, and I will continue to play my part in the Liberal National Party and I will continue as the leader of this great party," Mrs Frecklington said.

She paid tribute to her party workers and candidates, and committed to "holding the Palaszczuk government to account".

"This was not our time, our time will come and we will get Queensland working again," she said.

While both leader's speeches were praised online for being gracious, they will most likely be remembered for the farcical situation of Deb Frecklington beginning her concession speech in the middle of the Premier's victory speech.


But the news from the night was even worse for One Nation, with a huge swing against the party across the state, which was mirrored in Nanango.

One Nation candidate Tony Scrimshaw is sitting with just 14.76 per cent, a massive fall from the party's 27.44 per cent in 2017.

Labor appears to have picked up much of these votes, with Mark Stapleton sitting in second place on primary votes with 28.19 per cent - well above the party's 19.27 per cent 2017 results.


Vote counted: 68.22 per cent

Tony Scrimshaw - One Nation: 14.76%

Deb Frecklington - LNP (MP): 49.95%

Mark Stapleton - Labor: 28.19%

Maggie O'Rance - Legalise Cannabis Qld: 3.82%

John Harbison - The Greens: 3.27%

In the neighbouring seat of Callide, the results were also clear early, with LNP member Colin Boyce re-elected.

With 39.13 per cent of the total votes counted, Mr Boyce was holding 58.77 per cent of the vote - well ahead of the Labor candidate, Gordon Earnshaw who earned only 25.25 per cent.

Independent Adam Burling has been a Biloela local for nine years and while he claimed just 7.61 per cent of the vote across the electorate, in Biloela he claimed a much higher chunk of the votes - with 31.58 per cent going to him.

Mr Burling spent all day at this booth and did not travel to any others.

In comparison, LNP Colin Boyce got 35.09 per cent of the vote at the Biloela polling station.

"It's just been a really great feel and everyone's been really supportive here," Mr Burling said.

"I'm stoked. For someone like me who's relatively unknown and with no political experience … it comes to show people are quite unhappy with how things are going."

He said his results tonight send a message to the major parties that people can vote for independents if they're unhappy with the major parties.


Vote counted: 39.13 per cent

Anthony Walsh - The Greens: 3.87%

Gordon Earnshaw - Labor: 25.25%

Colin Boyce - LNP (MP): 58.77%

Adam Burling - Independent: 7.62%

Loris Doessel - Independent: 4.50%

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