The fun play spaces at the South Burnett CTC Community Kids centre
The fun play spaces at the South Burnett CTC Community Kids centre Megan Kilroy

Ensure development at CTC Community Kids

SOUTH Burnett CTC Community Kids' Kindergarten puts a strong focus on keeping learning light, fun and easy, while also following Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

CTC's service manager Susan Jerome explains the culture and priorities of the Community Kids Kindy.

"The Learning Guidelines focus on developing and strengthening each child in the following areas- Identity, Connectedness, Wellbeing, Active Learning and Communicating. As Educators, we plan and implement activities that complement each of the learning areas.

"Our main focus is to make learning fun to encourage the participation of everyone. Learning through play and playing to learn is one of our values that is deeply embedded into our daily routine and curriculum.

"Most of our learning focuses on preparing the children to be school ready for when they begin Prep, this includes name recognition, writing their names, numeracy and other literacy skills," she said.

This school readiness includes routines to help the little ones progress appropriately, as well as teaching them about weather safety - a recent necessity in our region.

"We have a structured daily routine to assist the children to prepare for school and conduct two group or mat times per day which includes activities such as reading, writing, singing, numeracy and counting, telling the time on digital and analogue clocks, days of the week, and learning about the weather and how to stay safe in certain weather events," Ms Jerome said.

This structured routine includes many different fun and engaging activities in particular.


"Many of the daily activities that we have on offer are various construction games or toys, craft activities using new and recycled open ended materials, bikes, sandpit play, pretend play, cooking, painting, books, puzzles, computers, beading and threading, reading, and we also have a very large open yard which allows for lots of running and outdoor play.

"All the activities provided to children assist in their learning and development in one way or another such as social skill development, like learning to share or have more confidence when talking to peers," Ms Jerome said.

Each activity at the South Burnett CTC Community Kids Kindergarten holds a significant role in the child's development.

"Obstacle courses assist children to develop their hand-eye coordination and their motor skills while keeping children physically fit and active. Painting and art and craft activities assist children to develop their creativity skills while being able to use an unlimited amount of natural and processed materials to create their masterpieces.

"These activities are adapted to include all children's learning abilities and will be adapted to suit and challenge the individual child so that they can further their learning and development.

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