ROCK ON: Rowan Edwards will perform at the Murgon Show.
ROCK ON: Rowan Edwards will perform at the Murgon Show. Helen Spelitis

Entertainment a plenty for Murgon Showgoers

MURGON showgoers will have a number of entertainment options to enjoy on both Friday and Saturday.

The entertainment program kicks off at 6pm on Friday at the Cattlemen's Bar at the show ground, with Tingoora musician Rowan Edwards performing.

Show society president Joan Adams said it would be an entertaining evening.

"We have him performing to try and get a few more people in,” she said.

"We have the RBS dancing academy which will be dancing out in front of the grandstand at 3pm on Saturday.

"At 4.30pm we have Alice Benfer playing music until the rodeo starts.

"She has played in Tamworth and has done very good down there.”

Mrs Adams said it was important for the show to have live music.

"You've just got to have live music,” she said.

"You've got to have entertainment, from the time you start in the morning, to the time you finish.

"You can't let it die down because people will go home and next year they won't come back,” she said.

Musician Rowan Edwards said he was looking forward to playing at the show.

He said he would present an eclectic mix of tunes.

"I think the safest way to put it is I will be playing country pop rock,” Mr Edwards said.

"It's a bit of a mixture of everything old and new.”

Mr Edwards said the show offered a unique opportunity to play a wide variety of material.

"With the array of the audience you can play something older and the elderly crowd will react to it, you play something modern and kids know that one and younger adults know that one as well,” he said.

"It's awesome to play to a large mix-aged crowd, you get to hear some people go off for Johnny Cash, others for ACDC, others for Jack Johnson.”

Despite this range, Mr Edwards said he did not have any go-to songs.

"I feed off the crowd,” he said.

"They react to certain areas and certain times, so that's what I start playing.”

Mr Edwards said he will mostly play covers of well-known songs, with a few of his own tracks in the mix.

"I'll play a couple of originals, but it's a four hour gig, so it's going to be boring if I only play originals,” he said.

"Songs by Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz tend to go across pretty well, but I'll play almost everything, within reason.

"I like to stay away from the really cliche stuff.”

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