Eyebrow-licious and honourific Mx added to dictionary

If you don’t want to reveal your gender, try Mx.
If you don’t want to reveal your gender, try Mx.

THIS week, added a new batch of words ranging from eyebrow-licious to the gender-neutral title Mx.

While this eyebrow shape-enthusiast can understand the first of the two, I probably wouldn't add it into the dictionary, just like I wouldn't favour 'amazeballs' or 'cray cray' going into the word bible on which my career is ultimately based. The Mx however, I am all for.

TIME reported if you didn't feel like labelling yourself a Mr or a Ms and would rather leave your gender unknown or undeclared, Mx (pronounced like mix) is a gender-neutral option.

According to, this honorific came from the 70s when the M was taken from the first letters of those gendered honourifics, and the x was attached to suggest an unknown quantity or thing, like it might in algebra class.

If companies want to know your sex, they should ask for it. Sex being how your were anatomically born. But if they're after your gender, well there should be an option for people to select what they truly feel - male, female, or gender neutral.

What do you think? Would you choose to use Mx as a title? Should it become the norm when filling out forms etc?

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