Seafood is a firm favourite for the Aussie Christmas lunch.
Seafood is a firm favourite for the Aussie Christmas lunch. Lisa Williams

Families fork out small fortune on Christmas dinner

AVERAGE Australians will fork out $82 on seafood and $93 on specialty meats such as turkey, pork and ham, according to a report released by Woolworths.

Shoppers will  also  spend  around $595  on  non-food  items,  including  $75  on Christmas decorations. The average family will spend $1,156 on food and gifts for Christmas.

According to the Festive Food Report, a quarter (25 per cent) of Aussies will still be making last minute purchases
on food and gifts.

Around one in five (18 per cent) Australians started planning for Christmas six or more months in advance. 

Half of shoppers are 'Christmas Indulgers' who shop with no budget in mind and are most likely to buy online.

Nearly  a  third  (31 per  cent) of  shoppers  are  'Christmas Budgeters'  and  look  for  a bargain  and spend cautiously. 

In the final four weeks leading up to Christmas Day, Woolies experiences its busiest trading period of the whole year, selling four million kilos of ham, 1,000 tonnes of prawns and 16,000 free-range turkeys.  

Woolworths expert oyster  shuckers will open more  than 800,000 oysters by hand over Christmas and New Year.

Woolies will  also  sell more  than 10  times more prawns  compared  to  any other  time of  the year.

More than 200 tonnes of prawns will be sold in the final two weeks before Christmas alone.

Young families are most likely to buy their kids clothes, books and arts & crafts presents. Older families are more likely to give their kids money and gift cards. Chocolate and lollies remain a firm favourite with both.

Tjeerd Jegen, Managing Director of Woolworths Supermarkets said: "Christmas is a busy period, not just for Woolies but for millions of Australian families who are preparing to spend quality time with friends and family.

"The Festive Food Report gives us a glimpse into the shopping habits of Australia and goes to show just how different our outlook on the holiday season can be.

•  Younger shoppers without kids are most likely to leave gift and food purchases until the last minute

•  They are  least  likely  to host a Christmas meal  for  family and  friends and buy  the  lowest  total number of

•  Family  Shoppers  are  most  likely  to  purchases  online  and  have  a  much  more  positive  outlook  about

•  'Empty Nesters' are  likely to display cynicism towards Christmas but still plan to make the most for their
young families

Christmas Lovers vs. Christmas Loathers: 

•  36 per cent of Australians are  'Christmas Lovers' and are most likely to be female, well prepared and buy
an average of 18 gifts

•  28 per cent of Australians are 'Christmas Loathers' and are most likely to be male with kids aged 15-20 and
buy an average of 10 gifts

Feelings towards Christmas: 

•  29 per cent of Australians love shopping for Christmas presents

•  33 per cent of Australians agree that Christmas celebrations always seem to end too quickly

•  The  top  three  associations  with  Christmas  include  socialising  with  friends  and  family,  preparing  and
enjoying meals and decorating the house

The Christmas Spending Timeline:

•  Despite  reaching  a  peak  in  November,  online  retail  sales  continue  strong  performance  into mid  /  late

•  The majority of food and drinks tend to be bought a week before Christmas

•  Young families are the biggest bargain hunters and tend to make the most online shopping purchases 

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