Family’s schooling tradition runs deep, spanning 150 years

NANANGO STATE SCHOOL: Rebecca and Robbie Clapperton have a strong family connection to the school.
NANANGO STATE SCHOOL: Rebecca and Robbie Clapperton have a strong family connection to the school.

ANNIE Kendall was a first-day student at Nanango State School when it opened its doors in 1866 and now, six generations later, her family still has an unwavering connection to the school.

Ms Kendall's great-great-great-grand-children, Robbie now 22, and Rebecca, 19, spent their primary school years at the school almost 150 years later, but didn't know of their family connection until just this year.

Robbie and Rebecca's mother Libby Clapperton joined the steering committee for the school's 150th year celebration this year and stumbled across the family tie.

"I didn't realise she was a first-day student until I started doing research for the anniversary," Mrs Clapperton said.

Mrs Clapperton said this only scratched the surface of her family's connection to Nanango State School.

"Annie Kendall got married when she was just 15 to George Clapperton, who was a lot older than her," she said.

"And he was on the board of the school."

Now six generations, and 150 years later, Mrs Clapperton said her family was just as familiar with the school.

"I taught there for 19 years," she said.

The ex-teacher said her family's "long connection" to the school made the upcoming 150- year anniversary more special.

"It's that tradition, it's just a really strong and proud tradition," she said.

Although she no longer teaches at the school, the school never stops giving back to her.

"Kids still come up to me and say 'hello Mrs Clapperton' and show me wedding photos or photos of their kids," she said.

"I have even taught a few kids of kids now, that's the most outstanding part.

"It's lovely to see what they make of their lives and see how we've contributed."

The Nanango State School 150-year celebration will be held at the school on Saturday, February 13.

Celebrations include a meet and greet at Ringsfield House on February 12, where Mrs Clapperton said the first classroom opened.

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