FARMERS around the South Burnett are facing lengthy and in some cases costly clean-up bills after days of wild weather.

Heavy rain hit areas around the region on Friday and Saturday, dropping up to 100mms in some areas in just over an hour.

On Monday evening the extreme weather continued when heavy hail hit Kingaroy and surrounds.

In Greenview, near Tingoora, cattle farmer Kevin Polzin woke up on Saturday morning to ruined fences on his 200-hectare property.

He has been working hard all week to repair the kilometres of damage.

"We only got 22mm but up the hill they got 100," Mr Polzin said.

The water was enough to flood a creek on Lysdale Rd, to about two or three metres above the usual level.

The clean-up was so extensive that he hired a local farm labourer, Glen Zelinske to help him.

"I've got kilometres of fencing and gates," he said.

"This is a job you've got to do."

Although the fix was more labour extensive, time was vital to ensure his 180 cattle did not wander off the property.

At Kingsley Grove Estate, winemaker Simon Berry was counting the damage from Monday's hailstorm.

Hailstones up to five centimetres in diameter fell within half an hour, which caused damaged to the grapes growing for next year's harvest.

"We probably lost about 10 percent of our crop, but it's hard to say," Mr Berry said.

Although the damage is costly, he is thankful that it happened earlier in the season when the grapes were small rather than closer to harvest.

"The grapes are still pea sized right now," he said.

The hail also caused damage to a number of residential properties, with local SES crews confirming the large stones had caused minor damage to a handful of homes.

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