PRIVACY CONCERNS: Animal rights activists have launched the Aussie Farms online map identifying more than 110 South Burnett farms.
PRIVACY CONCERNS: Animal rights activists have launched the Aussie Farms online map identifying more than 110 South Burnett farms. Contributed

Farmers outraged at animal activist map

PRIVACY concerns are held by South Burnett farmers whose details have been released by an animal rights charity.

More than 110 South Burnett farms were identified on the Aussie Farms online map this week.

The map lists the names and addresses of farmers and their businesses across Australia and was launched publicly on January 19.

More than 70 South Burnett piggeries were identified, 23 dairy farms, 11 cattle farms, and a fish farm.

In a public Facebook post, Aussie Farms said the comprehensive map listed 'factory farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilities' across Australia.

"We're opening it up to the public in an effort to force transparency on an industry dependent on secrecy," they said.

"We believe in freedom of information as a powerful tool in the fight against animal abuse and exploitation."

Five further farms were identified on the map, but did not specify which type they were.

Swickers Bacon Factory in Kingaroy was also listed on the map, as well as the Nanango Racecourse at Lee Park.

They said the map was an opportunity for consumers to become aware of the reality and sheer scale of industry-standard animal agriculture.

"This map is about laying everything bare, so that consumers can make their own informed choices about what they wish to support with their purchases," they said.


Queensland Farmer's Federation president Stuart Armitage said Queensland farmers adhered to high animal welfare standards and condemned Aussie Farmers and their radical actions which have invaded farmers' privacy.

"For many farmers, their property is their business, their workplace and their family home, which as a result of the map is now a target for intrusion by animal activists," he said.

QFF reported a number of incidents where animal activists entered a Queensland farm without permission and disrupted the businesses over the past few months.

Mr Armitage said QFF had already been working with the Queensland Government to address privacy issues, but this new map has made government action urgent.

"People are welcome to their opinions but this behaviour is neither appropriate nor helpful and the government must act to ensure farmers can continue feeding, clothing and growing amenity for the world," he said.

"This latest act invades basic privacy rights, will likely fuel a debate that is based on emotive ideology rather than fact and see actions that threaten the welfare of animals and pose unacceptable risks to farming businesses."

LNP Shadow Agricultural minister Tony Perrett has called on the state and federal governments to do everything in their power to protect Queensland farmers from the industrial sabotage.

"This website is simply a hit-list for animal activists," he said.

"It enables extremists looking for their next target and encourages trespassing, biosecurity, biosecurity breaches and acts of industrial sabotage."

Mr Perrett said it had all gone too far.

"It is simply unacceptable that a fringe group which believes animals should not be owned by humans is trying to terrorise farmers," he said.

National Farmers' Federation advises farmers to follow the following steps to protect their privacy.

Firstly the farmers should check if their name and address features on the map.

If their details are on the map, farmers should request directly to Aussie Farms to remove their details.

They should then complain formally to the Australian Information Commissioner.

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