Parents forced to hide from drug addicted son

A DESPERATE father is calling for politicians to tackle the "serious, serious" problem of drug addiction which is forcing him and his wife to hide from their son.

The pensioner, who asked to remain anonymous, has been dealing with the problem of his son's recurring addiction for the past 20 years - ever since he started "smoking pot" at a Gold Coast school.

The drug addiction escalated from marijuana to harder substances, sending the son on a rollercoaster ride of being a "loving" and successful tradie to a homeless, abusive druggie.

The father said the problem was rife on the Sunshine Coast and yet there is no help.

"When we talk to people about it, they tell us of someone they know in a similar situation," he said.

"Somehow, somebody has to say what is wrong with politicians and government that they don't do anything about it (drug abuse)."

He said people need to know "there is just one question from the authorities" when they are called to help.

The question is if anyone has been threatened or injured.

"If the answer is no, the authorities have a standard answer: 'Sorry, there is nothing we can do'.

"Serious crimes have occurred on the Sunshine Coast simply because when the opportunity arose for the authorities to do something, nothing was done," the man said, referring to the tragic Coolum incident in which a mentally unstable Anthony Young killed his brother, David, and David's partner Louise Dekens in August.

The father said people needed to be aware of the lack of help on the Coast.

"Parents with these same problems should be well aware, there is no men's refuge on the Sunshine Coast for the homeless," he said.

"There is no place for drug detox. Drug addicts must find their own way to Brisbane. There is a waiting period of up to two weeks if the drug addict needs urgent treatment and provided they are prepared to be interviewed about their addiction.

"No authority can force a serious drug addict to seek help. No judge can order a drug addict to attend detox and rehab.

"Where do people like us, get help? Who do we turn to?

"There should be something in place where a person of authority can force these addicts to have treatment."

Sunshine Coast Hospital Interim Chief Operating Officer Karen Roach confirmed there were no in-patient pub

lic detox beds on the Coast.

Ms Roach said the Health Service was planning for growth of all its services, including detox services.

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