AFTER the Wests 2-1 loss against Gunners in the last second division fixture round, Wests coach Trevor Litzow said his side would have to pick up its game to stand a chance in the knock-out semi-final.

Over the 90 minutes of play each side pressured each other's defence and showed promising moments in the build-up to finals.

It was ultimately the Gunners who bagged three points but it was not enough to lift them off the bottom of the ladder.

Gunners coach Debbie Ovens said they needed to take more chances.

Up against Wests again on Sunday in the semi-final Ovens said the Gunners needed to keep their composure and not be afraid to take the shot on.

"A lot of people see the goal and the ball and think, 'My God!'" she said.

"We didn't take our chances when they were presented."

The Gunners had the majority of chances in the second division clash on Saturday but most shots were fumbled and easily picked up by Wests keeper Kyle Venz.

Despite this, Gunners captain Steve Langton said he was confident the Kingaroy team could take out the second division, the closest of all three of the divisions.

"All the teams are pretty well balanced (but) finals are funny things," he said.

Langton said the Gunners needed to expect the unexpected as the pressure of the finals could throw up a few surprises.

Like Ovens, Langton said the Gunners needed to back themselves with shots at goal.

Langton said the Gunners were backed by a good team camaraderie which should help them in the finals.

Wests coach Litzow was not too disappointed by the loss and said there were some promising moments within the game.

"In the first 10-15mins we played some really good football," Litzow said.

He said the Wests lacked a sure touch on the ball however and handed possession off too easily.

"We were playing the ball first time, instead of making sure we had control of the ball," he said.

"We just didn't play with the right intensity."

The Wests' loss had them finish third on the ladder with 22 points, alongside Barambah although goal difference lifted Barambah into second place.

Litzow said the Wests would have to pick up their game as they head into the sudden death semi-final, a rematch against the Gunners.

Nanango tops table across divisions

THE 15 rounds of fixtures concluded at the weekend which had Nanango finish at the top of each division.

To nobody's surprise, Nanango topped the first division table by a clear margin of 17 points ahead of nearest rivals Gunners in an undefeated campaign.

In the women's division Nanango finished just five points ahead of Barambah with 33 points.

Barambah women's captain and president of Football South Burnett Sarah Vanderkolk said her side needed to play every game from now on as if it were a grand final.

Vanderkolk said the closest result her side had scored against Nanango was a draw and defence was the key to slowing Nanango.

In the second division, Nanango defeated Barambah 3-1 in the catch-up game last Wednesday to firm up the minor championship.

Nanango finished on 23 followed by Barambah on 22.

The semi-finals will be at Murgon on Sunday from 9am.

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