A bath can help people de-stress after a hectic day.
A bath can help people de-stress after a hectic day. Hemera Technologies

Find time to take a break

STRESS, it seems, is an accepted part of daily life but whether you are a stay-at-home mum or high-flying corporate executive you are probably in need of some time out.

Experts recommend many ways to restore balance, some of which are far from practical.

We can all breathe deeply and take stock but often there isn't time for a relaxing yoga class or a few days away on a deserted island.

De-stressing at home is the best option for most and a burgeoning industry has sprung up touting products to help relaxation.


Home Spas

Home spa and bath items are extremely popular.

Many swear by the soothing power of a bath, especially when combined with aromatherapy oils and natural skincare products.

Oils like chamomile, jasmine, orange and sandalwood help invigorate the senses and invoke positive emotions, chasing away those winter blues and leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

You can pick up an affordable aromatherapy kit in good health stores and pharmacies, or even online at sites like aromatherapyandnaturalskincare.com.au.

Try fragrant glycerine soaps, shea butter soap and body creme, natural massage oil, or soaps, lotion or bath products made of sheep milk.

Also, try spa microdermabrasion cloths, mitts and soap mates to gently cleanse skin and help you to relax. Have a plush towel and robe to add to the luxury of the experience.


Beauty products

Facials are a great way to de-stress and take time out. Having one professionally done is often a luxury, but there are a large number of products, for men and women, that will provide a deep cleanse at a more affordable price.

Use a hydrating and clarifying mask - La Prairie Firming Mask ($220) - if you have cash to splash or perhaps Innoxa Purifying Mask ($19.95) if you're planning to eat for the rest of the week.

For those who have a conscience as they indulge, opt for the Fairtrade range (fairnaturally.com), which consists of moisturisers, hand creams, body lotions, body butters, washes, scrubs and toners and empower producers in developing countries at the same time.

And don't forget your feet. Foot massagers are fantastic while foot spas and cooling gels can also be useful products for refreshing tired feet.



Don't underestimate the power of sleep to restore the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

Studies have shown that a 20-minute power nap can help de-stress and allow you to tackle challenges with enthusiasm. If a longer stint is needed plan to go to bed earlier.

Set the scene, if it will help, with soft music and clean linen.

Sleeping on natural bedding lowers your heart rate and gives a deeper, more relaxing sleep so opt for organic cotton fabric if the budget can stretch. A good pillow is non-negotiable.



While there is little doubt technology adds to the stresses of modern-day life it can also offer a helping hand around the home.

There are fridges that can aid in making a shopping list, washing machines that can do a load wrinkle-free and new smart features from LG, which allow homeowners to manage all their electrical appliances from their mobile phones or iPads.

Good appliances can buy you more time like a robotic vacuum cleaner, which start from as little as $269 at the Good Guys, or the Electrolux oven that only needs you to insert the food and press a button and it will calculate the temperature and the time needed.

The most popular kitchen appliance doing the rounds at the moment is the Thermomix - a German invention that does all the weighing, chopping, mixing, stirring, cutting, grating, grinding, pulverising, kneading and emulsifying. It cooks, simmers and cleans itself.


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