Fat-shaming mum goes viral again

MARIA KANG sparked controversy in 2013 after posting a photo of herself with her three sons which went viral.

Posing alongside her three kids, all under three-years-of-age, she asked, "What's your excuse?"

What followed were accusations that she was fat-shaming and bullying other mothers struggling to lose their baby weight.



Now she's back for more, donning the same black and red sports bra and shorts ensemble, that kicked off her Insta notoriety five years ago.

Posing alongside her now six, seven and eight-year-old kids she shared a new message with her 74.4k followers.

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She has replaced her infamous slogan with a new, more sympathetic question. Rather than accusing mums of being lazy, she's asking them to focus in on the reasons why they want to get fit.



Referring to her initial inflammatory question, the 37-year-old writes once you've found your excuse you need to find your reason.

"5 years later I'm still seeking the hard route, after all, in a country where you are the Healthy minority you must you must #dodifferent You need to find your reason, your WHY for prioritising your health."

The Insta Fitness mogul infamous for her tough love approach and for using her kids as exercise equipment has recreated the new image as a follow-up to her original campaign.

"I actually lifted all 150lbs (68kg) of them! " she captioned this photo with her sons. Source: Maria Kang / Instagram. Image: @truelovephotos

"You need to find your reason, your WHY for prioritising your health. You are who you surround yourself with so if everyone is starting an extreme diet, be balanced. If everyone is sitting watching TV shows, get up and move,' she wrote.

"If everyone is ordering high-calorie meals and drinking sugary drinks, choose otherwise! You know what's right, just don't follow the habits and lifestyle of the majority of overweight/obese people who do it wrong. Many asked for a side-by-side so here you go! What's Your Reason? Plant it and GROW".

Photo by Maria Kang on Instagram.
Photo by Maria Kang on Instagram.

It's not the first time the Fit Mom has displayed a new approach to sharing her get fit message.

In April, 2016 she posted a raw and untouched image, while fessing up to the weeks of preparation she puts in when she has a photo shoot lined up.

"I shot this in the afternoon after eating a doughnut (thanks to my bff who owns a shop!) I didn't exercise for 4 days prior and was tired after a day working and being with my kids. AND I am 10lbs (4.5kg) up since I shot that "What's Your Excuse" photo!" she wrote at the time.

"I've gained (weight) since my 'What's Your Excuse' photo, and I'm not hiding from that fact," she said at the time.

A post shared by Maria Kang (@mariakangfitness) on



Perhaps the hard taskmaster has done some soul searching following her ban from Facebook for peddling "hate speech". Her comments about the plus-size Curvy Girl Lingerie campaign led to her suspension.

"I definitely think my freedom of speech was removed," she said at the time.

Now running 30 outlets of her No Excuses Mom Movement, she wants to empower other mums struggling with their weight to step in front of the camera and be unapologetic and proud of where they are today.

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