Drug bust accused has history of producing meth

A MACKAY man facing multiple charges over an alleged $160,000 ice bust in Gympie has just finished a jail sentence for methamphetamine production and still has a suspended sentence hanging over his head.

Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Flanagan delayed his decision on Joshua Trevor Shandiman's application for bail on Wednesday to give the Crown more time to unearth missing information vital to the case.

Justice Flanagan asked prosecutor Ben Jackson why the arresting officer had not provided details about who owned the car the drugs were allegedly found in on October 14.

Another man is facing charges related to the same alleged drug bust.

Police are yet to tell the Crown who the car was registered to, but the court heard Shandiman was driving the vehicle.

In delaying the hearing, Justice Flanagan told the 35-year-old's defence lawyer Sarah Thompson she would have to show the court that her client was not a "risk of re-offending".

"He's just finished a sentence for the production of methamphetamine in the Northern Territory and ... he's still on a suspended sentence (with) 16 months to run," Justice Flanagan said.

"The amount here is $160,000.

"We don't know its purity yet but it is one kilo of methamphetamine while he is on a suspended sentence.

"You will appreciate immediately the difficulty I have is the risk of re-offending.

"It's just the amount (of drugs) involved and there's a flick knife, there's a baton - so I need to be addressed on why I shouldn't find that there is a real risk of re-offending."

Ms Thompson said Shandiman's parents would pay a $20,000 bail surety and that he would live in their home.

She said her client was offered a job as a boilermaker and he was willing to undergo regular drug testing.


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