Foster mother ‘shocked’ by young girl’s allegation

A YOUNG girl reported to her school principal that she'd been invited to have "s-e-x" with other girls in her school bathroom.

When the school contacted her foster mother about it back in 2013, the woman spoke to her about the incident, and told her no one was allowed to touch her vagina. The girl responded that her father had done so.

That was the evidence given by the foster mother in the trial of a 45-year-old Mackay region man accused of the indecent treatment of his biological daughter in the District Court in Mackay yesterday.

The foster mother said she'd been "shocked" and had contacted the Department of Child Safety. The girl had been in that foster mother's care since January 2013.

The girl's biological mother also testified.

She gave evidence that she and her partner, the accused, had lost custody shortly after the girl's birth.

The woman testified that the only time the couple had had unsupervised contact with the girl was on weekends for six months between May and October in 2012. She said the children had visited about "three or four" times in that period.

On cross-examination, the woman testified that in 2012 she and her partner had been informed that a sexual incident had occurred between the girl and her brother while they were living at a foster home in 2011.

The woman said both she and the accused had approached their solicitors to write letters to the Department, asking that the child be removed from the home.

The trial continues today.

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