WHEN Frank Honey puts up his Christmas lights, it is hard to tell who is getting the most enjoyment, him or the kids.

The Nanango man first fell in love with Christmas lights as a child and wanted to share the magic with his own children.

But when his children grew up he did not stop and each year his display got larger and more elaborate.

Mayor Wayne Kratzmann made a surprise visit to inform him he won first prize in the council's Christmas Lights Competition, with a holiday package to Singapore valued at $15,000.

"It's something I've never dreamed of," Mr Honey said.

The lights, which take up a large portion of his yard on his three-acre property, is more of an experience than a display.

Instead of watching it from the street, families walk through an elaborate field of light and music.

"I do mine as a walk-through so they can get close and personal," he said.

The lights began as a more conventional display on their home but Mr Honey noticed more people looked at the small display on the yard.

"When we started it, it was really small and people said are you going to go bigger next year?" he said.

"I said yeah, all right."

He has lost count of how much he has spent on the displays and electricity but does not regret the expense.

"Every night I'll have a big smile on my face," he said.

When Mr Honey was informed of his win, he was not sure what to do with the prize.

Both he and his partner, Lesley Orenda, do not have passports and have never travelled overseas.

They did not enter for the prize and had not decided if they would take the trip themselves or give it to a relative.

"It's exciting but I have no idea what to expect," Mr Honey said.

They have a while to decide what to do with the trip and despite already winning the main prize, Mr Honey made sure the lights would continue to shine.

"A couple of years ago people would say when are you turning off the lights (for the year)?" he said.

So as a tradition the lights will remain on every night until the day after Boxing Day.

2015 Winners

  • South Burnett Champion: Frank Honey, 45 South St, Nanango
  • South Burnett Runner-Up: Christine Collett, 1330 Boondooma Rd, Proston

Nanango awards

  • First Urban: Diane Bosel, 1 Wills St, Nanango
  • Second Urban: Allan and Rosemary Strunge, 10 Grey St, Nanango
  • First Rural: Ken and Dianne Lawes, 102 Muir Drive, Nanango
  • Second Rural: Cheryl Ashdown, 106 Lanigan Rd, Nanango


  • First Urban: Monica Dennis, Corner Jefferies and Nutt St, Murgon
  • Second Urban: Geddes Family, 5 Nutt St, Murgon
  • First Rural: Wayne and Louise Thomas, 298 Louttits Rd, Glenrock
  • Second Rural: McUtchen Family, 592 Morgans Rd, Murgon


  • First Urban: Andrew and Renita Olsen, 119 Pring St, Wondai
  • Second Urban: Krystle Walters and Liam Baker, 52 Pring St, Wondai
  • First Rural: D and M Bartlett-Kennedy, 30 Amaroo Dr, Wondai
  • Second Rural: Keith McConnell, 343 K Duff Rd, Coverty Proston


  • First Urban: Geoff and Veronica Hartwig, 97 Ivy St, Kingaroy
  • Second Urban: Lisa Coutts, 11 Venman St, Kingaroy
  • First rural: Tony Wilson, 43 Benair Rd, Benair
  • Second Rural: PA and KM Winter, 25 Winters Rd, Kingaroy


  • First Urban: The Cavanough Family, 6 Douglas St, Blackbutt
  • Second Urban: Wingfield Family, 18 Douglas St, Blackbutt


  • First: Hillview Kidz Family Daycare, 3 Daisy Court, Kingaroy
  • Second: Nanango Taxi and Delivery, 12 Greenwood Creek Rd
South Burnett

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