Kingsley Grove Grape Stomping.
Kingsley Grove Grape Stomping.

GALLERY: Grape stomping with a competitive twist

KINGSLEY Grove was full of laughter, good food, local wine, and grape stained feet on the day of their annual Grape Stomping Festival.

This weekend was the second time Kingsley Grove Estate had hosted the festival.

It was the first time they had made the grape stomping into a competitive event.

Simone and Jo Berry have been busy preparing for the festival and keeping their family run winery afloat through the drought.

Mrs Berry said she was happy with the turnout and excited by their guests enthusiasm towards the competitive grape stomping.

"We kicked things off at 11am and after our platters we had the first round of timed stomping," she said.

"We're timing people and filling a bottle with the juice they make from their grape stomping.

"To see how much juice they can put into a bottle in two and a half minutes." To round up the day the Berry family hosted a 'stomp off'.

"Nearly everybody here had a go at the stomping," Mrs Berry said.

"But not everyone will make it to the stomp off.

"Everyone is walking around with feet stained red from the grape stomping which is funny to see.

"I'm just glad everyone has been supporting us and the event. We're very grateful."

The drought and little to no rain made the grape season tough for the Berry family, but they pulled through.

"We had to purchase and truck water in all through winter last year and a bit into spring," Mrs Berry said.

"But in the end it paid off for us and was worth it. "We're down on quantity but not on our quality."

After a successful season the Berry family are now busy picking their grapes.

"We have over 11 varieties of grapes and we will be picking those next," Mrs Berry said.

"Then we will get to work making our next lot of wine.

"This will take a couple of months."

Here are some pictures from the event:

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