Grant Denyer hosts Million Dollar Minute
Grant Denyer hosts Million Dollar Minute Channel 7

Game show gig has Grant Denyer feeling like a newbie

IT'S not exactly what he pictured himself doing, but Grant Denyer is enjoying the slower pace of life as Seven's host of Million Dollar Minute.

The former Sunrise weather presenter and all-round nice guy initially turned down the game show role but eventually warmed to the idea.

After suffering burn out from the Sunrise's hectic filming schedule, Denyer left the breakfast show earlier this year.

His first move, after some well-deserved rest, was fronting sketch comedy series SlideShow.

And with filming for SlideShow finished for the year, he's looking forward to commuting to Melbourne for Million Dollar Minute twice a fortnight.

"I just sit at home with my cordless drill and just drill the wall, and hose the driveway; that's my other pleasure," he told APN during a recent visit to the Million Dollar Minute set in South Melbourne.

"That's the most relaxing thing on the face of the planet. Why didn't anyone tell me about that?

"It's like nesting, the male version of nesting."

Despite more than 10 years in television, Denyer's not afraid to admit he's still learning on the job in his new role, which sees him taking on game show stalwart Eddie McGuire in the 5.30pm timeslot.

"I feel like I'm on work experience… and we're giving big money away," he said.

"If I change one word in the question, then it completely changes the meaning. If they answer then I could blow someone's game by swapping two words around.

"I found that out in rehearsals and I went 'Wow that's a lesson'. I hope that doesn't come out of my pay check if I make that mistake."

Denyer said he's slightly nervous about the show's debut today.

Despite sharing the same name with an American show which never too k off, Million Dollar Minute is a new format developed by Seven.

"I'm trying not to think about it," he said.

"I don't feel comfortable yet. I'm a perfectionist, so because I feel like I'm on the first week of a new job I'm not happy yet."

The rapid-fire quiz show sees Denyer rattling off 15 questions in just a few minutes.

The show has a dedicated "question master" who must come up with dozens of general knowledge questions for each episode.

"We've got a question guru and his whole life and profession is the master of those," Denyer said.

"It's such a cool thing, even the way he structures a question. We never try to trick anybody but sometimes you've got to wait for the last bit of detail because it reverses what we're asking."

Million Dollar Minute debuts today at 5.30pm on Channel 7.

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