Grace Campbell said she's willing to give her partner a second chance.
Grace Campbell said she's willing to give her partner a second chance.

Girlfriend to give gamer ‘another chance’

THE pregnant partner of Sydney gamer Luke James Munday and mum to his two daughters has broken her silence saying she's willing to give the 26-year-old a second chance - despite him allegedly assaulting her on camera.

Mr Munday appeared in Camden Local Court yesterday charged with one count of common assault days after people watching his Fortnite livestream called the police, terrified for his partner Grace Campbell's safety.

Ms Campbell, 21, is living in the couple's Oran Park home with their two children after one of Munday's bail conditions required him to stay at least 100m away from his pregnant partner.

Speaking to the Daily Mailyesterday, Ms Campbell said despite the alleged assault in front of their two children, she would be willing to give the gamer a second chance if he went through an anger management course.

"I'll give him another chance for our kids, but only if he makes the effort and shows real improvement," she told the publication.

"He also needs to address his addiction to the game."

Despite that admission, Ms Campbell later said the altercation meant their five-year relationship was over.

"After this, I've had enough. I don't want him near me or the children," she said.

Grace said she's willing to give her partner a second chance.
Grace said she's willing to give her partner a second chance.

Ms Campbell's mother, who said she "despises" Mr Munday, supported her daughter's decision to end the relationship.

"I despise him for what he's done to my daughter. I will never forgive him and I don't trust him," she said.

"I don't care how sorry he is, I've heard it all before and I'm too old to fall for it. She's a great mum, a loving mum and she's distraught over what this is doing to the kids."

In the Twitch video, Mr Munday is seen leaving his computer as the couple's children are heard screaming and crying "Daddy" in the background while his wife sobs off-camera.

Police confirmed two girls aged three and 20 months were home at the time of the livestream.

Munday with his two daughters.
Munday with his two daughters.

Ms Campbell claims her partner's addiction to the game led to him to develop a toxic habit of coming home from work before falling asleep playing the game and then waking up and doing it all over again.

The 21-year-old, who started dating Mr Munday when she was just 16, said she became fed up with his addiction on Sunday night when he failed to eat dinner with the family.

In the livestream video, Mr Munday can be heard repeatedly telling Ms Campbell he'll be "out soon".

"No computer, I'm sick of this sh*t," Ms Campbell responded.

Munday was then seen stepping away from his camera - leaving the livestream to keep recording - before a noise that sounds like a slap rings out.

His partner can be heard crying off camera as he says, "How many times do I have to tell you? I said I'd be out soon."

Their altercation allegedly escalated into violence, ending in Mr Munday being arrested at their family home in western Sydney before being charged with common assault.


Munday playing Fortnite before the alleged assault.
Munday playing Fortnite before the alleged assault.


Ms Campbell claimed her partner's addiction escalated when he started to gain fans on Twitch, a streaming site where users can watch others play games. Mr Munday had thousands of followers on Twitch and YouTube but his accounts have now been deleted.

"He got famous and started playing six to eight hours a day for his fans," Ms Campbell said.

"As he got more addicted he changed, he became an angry person. He wasn't spending enough time with the kids and it was a struggle every day to get him to leave the computer for anything."

Mr Munday faced Camden Local Court yesterday, managing to get his common assault charge and an AVO issued for Ms Campbell adjourned to January 10.

Representing Mr Munday at Camden Local Court, Steven Mercael from the Australian Criminal Law Group sought an adjournment for the 26-year-old and asked for him to be excused from his next court date.

"There is a lot of attention around this case," Mr Mercael said. "On the alleged victim, and the client."

Luke Munday leaves Camden Local Court. Picture: Dean Lewins
Luke Munday leaves Camden Local Court. Picture: Dean Lewins


Court documents relevant to Mr Munday's bail revealed his 2018 common assault charge wasn't the first time the 26-year-old has been in court for "matters involving violence".

Mr Munday was convicted of the offences.

"The accused has been charged on two previous occasions in 2011 for malicious damage and common assault, both of which were not domestic related," the document read.

"The accused showed remorse for his actions during the interview stating that he was aware that his actions were inappropriate and that he should not have done what he did."

The document also stated the prosecution had a strong case because "there are numerous independent witnesses to the offence as a portion of the incident was livestreamed".

The court heard Ms Campbell had written a letter trying to change a condition of the AVO however the prosecution denied her request.

Ms Campbell told the Daily Mailshe wanted Mr Munday to be able to call her so they could sort out money issues.

The AVO and bail conditions prohibit the 26-year-old from making any contact with his partner however it has left the young family in a difficult situation as Mr Munday is the sole provider of the family.

Before the livestream went viral, Mr Munday was working for Telstra as a network engineer earning just over $1000 a week.

After the assault charge, a spokesman for Telstra confirmed he had been suspended pending an investigation.

"We have suspended Luke's employment pending a full investigation and will co-operate with any police investigation," Telstra general manager of media Steve Carey said in a statement.

"Domestic violence has no place in our community. It is totally unacceptable and needs to be eradicated."

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