Goodbye and thanks for all the yarns

IT'S with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to South Burnett Times.

After five years, I'm moving on to take a job at the Warwick Daily News, which is my home town newspaper.

My wife, child and I are making the move so we can be closer to our families.

I really enjoyed my time in the South Burnett and at the newspaper, and I've met some really great people.

So I'd like to take some time time to say thank you to the many, many people who have supplied me with great yarns over the years.

Thanks to Keith Campbell, Kathy Duff, Roz Frohloff, Terry Fleischfresser, Ros Heit, Danita Potter, Gavin Jones, Gary Wall, Aaron Meehan, Wendy Kruger, Peter O'May, Craig Patch, Chris Du Plessis and the ladies on the front counter at the Council Chambers. I know I've been a pest at times.

Thanks to David Tierney, Lance Guteridge, Scott Prendergast, Pepe Gangemi, Wayne Bushell, Brett Smith, Sean Relf, Jade Miller and all the men and women of our local police force.

Also thanks to Ben and Ian at the court houses.

Thanks to Deb Frecklington and Belinda Pennell for answering the phone and helping me out.

Thanks to Mark Long, Bruce Groer, Misty Wayne, Cameron Bond and all the firefighters and paramedics I've met while attending crashes, fires and anything with a degree of danger.

Thanks Julian Cross, the Weller boys, James Bredhauer, Midge Thompson, Bill Steffensen, Paul Pratt, Gary Anderson, Peter Enklemann, Bruce Webb, Trevor Campbell, Kristy Frahm, Josh Gadischke, Rob Patch, Allan Sommerfeld, Evan Blanch, the Plowman family, Harry and Judy Pickering, Alan Broome, John Dalton, all the Tessmanns, Ian Schafferius and all the farmers I've called on.

Thanks for setting me straight on those half-understood farming practices that I asked about.

More importantly, thanks for continually dobbing in your friends and neighbours when I was chasing a fresh take on farming news.

Thanks to all those good community people, like Dave Goodard, Olivia Everitt, Trish Litgens, Kathryn Stevens, Sandra Morgan, Eric Law, Rocko Langton, Bevan Costello, the folks from Graham House, South Burnett CTC, Darrin Kefford, Paul Laurentiussen and all the Rotarians, the Lions Club and Leo Gehaghty.

It's folks like you that make the South Burnett a great place to live.

Really there are too many people to name and I know there are many that I can't recall right now.

You've all been absolute legends and helped to shape the character of this great region.

Cheers, and thanks for all the yarns.

South Burnett

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