GP fined $5k for asking patient on a date via texts

A YANDINA GP has been reprimanded and fined $5000 for unprofessional conduct after he sent a female patient a series of text messages asking her out to the movies and on a mountain climbing date.

Dr Brett Jeffrey Holding was called before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to explain his unwanted advances to the patient via text messages he sent on October 21 and 22 last year.

Dr Holding admitted he sent the text messages and in doing so violated the professional boundary.

During a hearing in September, The tribunal heard Dr Holding sent the first text message to the patient on October 21 at 8.23pm where he tested the waters.

"Hello (the patient) this is dr brett," the message said.

"This might seem a random weird question but what the heck nothing to loose. would u like to come out to the movies or climb a mountain or something with me 1 day?

"If it is 2 weird i will understand. No strings attached just wondering?"

The tribunal heard the patient did not respond to the message, but received another at 10.42am the following day asking if she had received the initial message.

The female patient replied 14 minutes later rejecting Dr Holding's advances.

"Hello and no thank you to your suggestions as you say it's too weird for me. Have a nice day," the patient replied.

But just over an hour later Dr Holding sent the patient another message

"I thought it would be cheers no probs ta. blood tests ok so far," he said in the message to the woman.

A minute later Dr Holding sent the final text message asking her to let him know if she had a change of heart.

The patient went to see another GP two days later and told them about Dr Holding's text messages.

On November 13 the patient and that practitioner made a formal complaint about Dr Holding's behaviour to the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Judge Brad Farr, in handing down his decision last month, ordered Dr Holding be reprimanded and pay a $5000 fine to the Medical Board of Australia.

He further ordered Dr Holding complete a Medical Board of Australia approved course addressing boundary violations in general practice.


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