Karen Purves with her new book Gratitude Prompts.
Karen Purves with her new book Gratitude Prompts. Lucy Rutherford

Gratitude helps woman through homelessness, daughter's death

KAREN Purves thought she had a stable life, until she ended up without a job or a home within six weeks of ending her 14-year marriage

Ms Purves said she learnt homelessness could happen to anyone.

"You don't have to be a drunk, an addict, or have a mental disorder," she said.

"All you need is one or two major life events that you didn't see coming to unsettle everything.

"It was also because my friends said I was taking too long to sort my life out, so they stopped being supportive and then I had nowhere to live."

It was then that Ms Purves had an epiphany.

She realised that in order to work through her hardship, she had to change the way she thought.

"That's when I discovered gratitude," Ms Purves said.

"Gratitude completely turned my life around.

"It was through gratitude that I was able to get back on my feet, to find a job and a home."

Ms Purves had finally established some stability in her life when tragedy struck again.

In 2013, her 22 year old daughter Evie died.

"It was sudden and I couldn't have known this was coming," Ms Purves said.

"So again I turned to gratitude.

"Through this I have learnt that grief is a transformational journey."

Inspired by these tragic life events, Ms Purves decided to write a book.

It only took her four weeks to write her first book, Gratitude Prompts, and next week she will be bringing her book to the South Burnett.

Ms Purves will be sharing her life story, her gratitude journey, and reading an excerpt from her book during visits to three South Burnett libraries.

She will then open the floor for questions.

"Everyone is welcome," Ms Purves said.

"Although it is scheduled for an hour, usually the sessions run for at least two.

"I really love it when people open up and share their own experiences and stories of how they've worked through grief with gratitude."

See Ms Purves at 10am at:

Kingaroy Library on Tuesday, May 21.

Blackbutt Library on Wednesday, May 22.

Proston Library on Friday, May 24.

South Burnett

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