Gympie truckie ploughs through service station at 80km/h

A SLEEPING truck driver woke in fright on June 9, about the time his delivery truck tore through the Goomboorian fuel station's service area at highway speed and demolished a nearby bus shelter.

Gympie magistrate Chris Callaghan said the driver, Troy Matthew Gladstone had endangered family groups, including children.


File photo of an FRR Isuzu truck
File photo of an FRR Isuzu truck

CCTV recordings played in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday showed customers jumping in fright as the truck careered past fuel pumps and families on the concrete apron at the Goomboorian Travel Stop on Tin Can Bay Rd.

That followed another outrage at the same location on April 28, when Gladstone saw an opportunity and stole the wallet of a man, 77, who had just paid for his petrol.

He then used his delivery truck to drive in a way that endangered a witness who had tried to stop him getting away.

The court was told Gladstone was on a suspended jail sentence when he committed the April offences and was on bail for those when he committed the dangerous driving offence in June.

Mr Callaghan noted that Gladstone had not appeared to slow down when he pulled into the driveway from the 80km/h section of road.

He said Gladstone's driving had alarmed family groups and "put their lives in danger."

It was fortunate no-one was waiting for a bus at the shelter.

According to uncontested police submissions, Gladstone told police he had fallen asleep and "did not remember anything after the previous bridge, which is some 2km from the service station."

Gladstone pleaded guilty to robbing the man whose wallet he stole and to two counts of dangerous driving.

Gladstone had "significant history for offences of dishonesty and violence," police said.

Gladstone's lawyer presented a reference from Gympie Community Church pastor Dean Comerford, who said Gladstone had been doing well during his time with the church and was studying to be an alcohol and drug counsellor.

Mr Callaghan said Gladstone's record included drug, armed robbery and dishonesty offences and he had only this year received a two-month suspended jail sentence for fraud.

Mr Callaghan jailed Gladstone for 12 months and, noting 129 days already served, ordered parole from November 8.

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