Nanango women play Barambah.
Nanango women play Barambah. Madeline Grace

Half-time pep talk helps girls step up their game

NANANGO and Barambah women's senior football teams battled it out in Nanango at weekend, and by the end of the first half, it was anyone's game.

But after a half-time pep talk from their coach Jacqui Downoe, Nanango were able to come out on top.

Downoe said it had been a scrappy first half.

"At half-time we told them to calm down,” she said.

"The first half was just them flogging the ball everywhere.

"It just wasn't constructive at all. The girls had no direction whatsoever.

"Then, with the wind we've got today, it was even harder for them to have any control over the ball.”

Downoe said she told the team to step it up.

"I told them to keep it at their feet and to make use of their players,” she said.

"And, that's what they did.

"Second half was much, much better. It took them a while to get back into it, but once they did they were set. Then the goals kept coming.”

The final score was six to Nanango, and two to Barambah.

"Our attack was pretty good and our defensive line really stepped up in the second half,” Downoe said.

"A standout player was Maxine Evans. She played a really good game.

"She scored a hat-trick in the end and got us back on top by a fair few goals.”

Downoe said was impressed by how the girls turned the game around.

"Our mid-field played well too,” she said.

"By the second half we were back in control and playing our proper game. It really was just a team effort all around.

"But, first half it wasn't really our game. Lucky the girls stepped up their game and we came out on top.”

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