Donna Penny with her son Kai, 9, taken with her new book Why My Mummy?
Donna Penny with her son Kai, 9, taken with her new book Why My Mummy?

Heroic mum's book on fighting cancer wins global hearts

IT WAS a single question asked by Donna Penny's nine-year-old son Kai, who was grappling with the knowledge that his mother would eventually succumb to terminal breast cancer.

"Why out of all the mummys in the world, does this have to happen to my mum?"

After almost eight years living with cancer, the Sunshine Coast mother grew frustrated at the lack of books to help her son better understand the battle of his mother and their family, she took action.

Why My Mummy is a book dedicated to her son, and dedicated to those who are forced to walk a path that will have them saying goodbye long before their time.

On top of her cancer, she was now fighting to fundraise enough funds -- estimated at $10,000 -- to publish her book.

Now her story has gone global.

A sneaky Peek at whats to come. Book will be ready for sale in 6 weeks OMG XXX

Posted by Why My Mummy? on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Donna's emotionally-charged story moved The Project host Carrie Bickmore to tears on Monday.

Her fundraising efforts have now topped $18,000 -- a huge victory for the mum who just wanted to help her son understand.

Video of her son reading the book has gone viral, reaching the British version of the Huffington Post and Daily Mail.

In Australia her story has been covered by all major media outlets.

On Monday, she told The Project why she felt so driven to create something for her son to read.


She said all the books she found "were sad and that wasn't something I wanted to read to my child".

"I just wanted to explain to him what cancer was doing to me but in a really positive light, just the steps that mummy has to take to stay healthy."

"If I can bring a little bit of our life in to make that family feel a little bit more comfortable with having to talk to their children about such a hard topic I know I've made a little impact I hope."

Check out a preview of the new book below (Best viewed in full-screen mode)

Every day of Donna's life now is a gift -- she is past what she her "expiry date" given by the experts.

If you want to know more about the Why My Mummy project:

Donna has also pledged to give 10% of funds raised to the Mummy's Wish charity, which works to help families where a mother is undergoing cancer treatment.


WE MADE OUR GOAL + THE BOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED!! Sending so much love from my family. We can't believe the generosity...

Posted by Why My Mummy? on Monday, 29 February 2016

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