POLICE have condemned the actions of motorbike riders captured pulling dangerous tricks at high speed on Ipswich motorways and highways.

A number of online groups have started sharing pictures and videos of riders pulling daredevil stunts

Footage recently emerged among different motorbike enthusiast groups of one man travelling at more than 100km/h on the Cunningham Highway while pulling a wheelie and standing on the back of his bike.

It was shared more than 5000 times.

Ipswich Road Policing Unit's Senior Sergeant Troy Hamilton called it the utmost stupidity.

"It's just reckless behaviour all around. Number one, those who are actually committing the offences and certainly those who are encouraging, whether it be by filming and posting such antics is just completely irresponsible," he said.

"We're aware of some of the antics of a couple of different groups and certainly I'm not going to label all motorcycle riders the same, but it's that minority group that want to carry on with this childish behaviour that will come to the attention of the police."

Sen-Sgt Hamilton said those taking part in this type of behaviour could face penalties ranging from speeding infringements to dangerous operation of a vehicle.

"Particularly if they don't have full control of the vehicle and depending on the traffic environment at the time," he said.

"More sadly, they could pay the ultimate price and become a statistic of our road carnage."

Police said they had seen a spike in the number of motorbike crashes across this part of the state.

"Not only Ipswich, but southeast Queensland has suffered an increase in motorcycle-related incidents, particularly where there is this attitude with some riders to push the limits and certainly exceeding their capabilities in riding. They lose control of their machines and come to rest in sometimes tragic circumstances."

Police urged riders to think twice and to consider alternative options to fulfil their joy ride desires.

"If they want to go and have some fun and ride at high speed, there are plenty of facilities in southeast Queensland; the Queensland Raceway has ride days where they can go and ride at high speed if that's what they want to do," Sen-Sgt Hamilton said.

"They certainly should not be doing it on public roads. It's not only endangering their own safety but that of other road users and, more often than not, it's innocent bystanders who become entwined in their tragedy."



Driving in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke carries a maximum fine of 20 penalty units ($2669) while the most serious offences, such as careless driving - also known as driving without due care and attention - or street racing, carry a maximum fine of 40 penalty units ($5338) or six months in jail.

For specific offences classed as hooning, police now have the power to impound, immobilise and confiscate the vehicle you were driving when you committed the offence.

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