Hit and run accused swapped car with drug dealer: court

A WOMAN has denied being involved in a Gatton hit-and-run, telling a court she had given the car allegedly involved to her drug dealer.

Joanne Marie McCauley told the Brisbane Coroner's Court she had swapped her sedan for a "crappy ute" from her drug dealer because she thought police were looking for the sedan after an armed robbery.

The coroner is investigating the death of Chinese national Shui Ki Chan who, in August 2012, was struck by a vehicle on the highway and died lying in a drain.

Ms McCauley told the coroner she had owned a sedan alleged to have hit Mr Chan.

But she said she had traded the car with her Oakey-based drug dealer because she and others had used it in an armed robbery and she believed the police were looking for it.

She said she swapped the car for an older ute on the same day that two men agreed to hand themselves in and claim she played no part in the robbery.

Ms McCauley said after the swap, she never saw the sedan again, even though she later lived with the Oakey drug dealer.

A man on Tuesday told the court Ms McCauley told him she had run the cyclist down in a fit of anger when he did not pull off the road.

But Ms McCauley said she had told the witness that as she had heard he was a child rapist and wanted to scare him.

The man told the court he had seen Ms McCauley driving the sedan alone, even though she only had a learner's permit, after the alleged swap.

"No, that's not possible," she said when the allegation was put to her.

"That's a lie."

The inquest continues. - ARM NEWSDESK

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