REPLAY: BHA grand final Labrador v Easts


ABOVE: Replay of Labrador v Easts

Watch livestreams today of the BHA division 1, division 2 and division 3 grand finals from 12.30pm on this website.  See all the teams here.

Over the last seven weeks we have brought you the junior finals, masters finals, BWHA grand finals and the BHA semi-final series.

And now enjoy BHA grand final day live from the State Hockey Centre.


Division 1


Goal keeper Aaron Weiss, 9. Joe Reardon, 11. Joey Sandor, 13.Ethan White, 12. Luke Tyne, 25. Brent Livermore, 2. Will Mathison, 7. Adam Imer, 26. Dylan Wotherspoon, 10. Reagan Martin, 8. Blake Wotherspoon, 14. Corey Piggin, 1. Kyle Prestwich, 15. Sam Young, 3. Bradley, 5. Lucas Brown,

Eastern suburbs

5. Scott Boyde, 1. James Easton, goal keeper Lee Casey, 8. Matt Shaw.

2. Mackenzie Warne. 15. Will Prest. 11. Matt Pembroke, 10. Tyler Spry,

13. Michael Doan, 7. Arin Doig. 4. David Hubbard, 12. Jacob Webber, 9. Hugh Pembroke, 6. Zac McCoombes, 14. Oliver Roberts, 13. Kane Posselt


Division 2

Eastern Suburbs

Goal keeper Steven Collins, 8. Alex Hough, 5. Will Prest, Cooper Hanscomb, 13. Peter Dalley, 7. Mitchell Roberts, 4. Ben Ward, 15. Zac McCoombes, 11. Oliver Roberts, 1. Sam Ruprecht, 6. Nick Heath, 16. Harrison Courtney, 12. Oliver Prest, 2. Ryan Hughes, 3. Ryley

Kroning, 14. Troy Elder, 17. Andrew Doan, 71. Hamish West, 9. Christian Wilson,


6. Damien Budd, 7. David Halliday, 10. Nathan Haslam, 12. Ryan

Petzer, goal keeper Kelly Hullet, 8. Kyle Murphy, 15. Adrian Cross, 1. Josh Hagenbach, 2. Peter Somers, 78. Anthony Cooroy, 3. Shane Rudken, 91. Lachlan McKinnon, 11. Russell

Odendaal, No.14 Nick Budd, 14. Aaron Kreis, 5. Tom Campbell.


Division 3

Pine Rivers St Andrews

1.Jacob Anderson, 9. Jarrod Farlow, 3. Matthew

Bradley, 12. Matthew Kleidon, 10. Greg Robertson, 4. Clinton Hart, 7. Cooper Punch, goal keeper Conner Robertson, 5. Ryk Thiessens, 8. Jason Baldwin, 6. Nicholas Rowland, 2. Oliver

Tuner, 13. Edward Westcott, 11. Michael Cockerill, 14. Jonathan Copland, 15. Tyler Newell.


5. Rodney Lorrimar, 13. Pat Mushan, goal keeper Luke Webb Luke. 8. Alan Bolton, 12. Dom

McMahon, 7. Preetesh Morar, 1. Phillips Reece, 3. Will Tracey, 9. Peter Harrison, 6. Kai Plos. 14. James Heffernan, 2. Ethan Holland, 15. Nathan Moss, 11. Jimmy Botella, 4. James Lynch, 6. Michael Troup.




Division 3: University v Pine Rivers St Andrews




Division 2: Easts v Redcliffe




Division 1: Labrador v Easts

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