Roma Magistrates Court
Roma Magistrates Court

‘Home wrecking c--t’: Roma man sends 37 texts to his mum

A YOUNG Roma man will undergo 240 hours of community service after he called his mother a 'home wrecking c--t' and 'nothing but a f--king slut' before messaging his cousin 'I'm going to bash all you faggots' when his housemate announced that he was gay on Facebook.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday, a man who cannot be identified for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence order and two charges of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff said between 12.25pm on August 17 and 8.30pm on August 18, the defendant was messaging his mother on Facebook discussing her new relationship after she had recently split from his father.

"The defendant became increasingly aggressive and sent his mother various messages," Sgt Boodnikoff said.

The defendant sent: 'you're a f--khead honestly', 'I don't even wanna know ya', 'you need a good punch, that's what you need', 'I'm gonna kill him', 'home wrecking c--t', 'go die for all I care' and 'you're putrid, waste of space'.

Between 7.30-8.30pm on August 18, the man spoke to his mother via his grandmother's phone, calling his mum a 'stupid c-t' and said, 'you're nothing but a f-king slut', the court heard.

The grandmother was present during this conversation.

The defendant's mother reported this to police and while at the Roma police station, he attempted to call his mother 37 times and sent 26 messages via Facebook.

The court heard that two days later, the defendant's cousin's housemate announced on Facebook that he was gay, which aggravated the defendant.

In the afternoon of August 20, he rang his cousin telling him his roommate needs to 'shut his f--king mouth' and that he's a 'dog c--t'.

He then left a two-minute long voicemail saying he needs to "answer the f--king phone" and "I'm gonna bash your head in it, I'll catch ya".

The defendant's lawyer, L Reed said her client is currently on a disability pension.S

"His parents recently separated and when he found out his mother had re-partnered, he became very upset and angry," Ms Reed said.

"He had consumed two six-packs of heavy beer before ringing his mother and abusing her before ringing his cousins.

"He has since apologised to his mother and attempted to apologise to his cousin.

"He is extremely remorseful for his behaviour and was intoxicated, but that's not an excuse."

Queensland Corrective Services officer T McDouall made Magistrate Peter Saggers aware that the defendant had breached three of his probation orders.

However, she said the defendant had engaged well with Drug Arm and if he consents to a community service order, they would accept him again.

Magistrate Saggers asked the defendant whether he would comply with a community-based order.

"Tell me honestly, because if you won't, there's no point," he said.

The defendant said he would be willing to do community service.

For the two offences, he was released on giving a recognisance of $1000 with good behaviour for two years.

For breaching three probation orders, the magistrate ordered the defendant to undergo 240 hours of community service.

The convictions were recorded.

"You breach this community service, I won't have any more options - make that crystal clear," the magistrate warned him.

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