Homeland's future secure as third season airs

Morena Baccarin stars in the TV series Homeland.
Morena Baccarin stars in the TV series Homeland. Contributed by Network Ten

WINNING two more Primetime Emmy Awards last week, Homeland has proven it has enough political intrigue for seasons to come.

Returning to Channel 10, the American drama's third series sees the CIA, and Carrie in particular, under scrutiny for the recent bombing and possible ties to Congressman Brody.

The suspected soldier-turned-terrorist is still in hiding after Carrie helped him escape the bomb scene.

His family is in limbo, going from the extremes of Brody being in the running to be a Vice Presidential candidate to being America's most wanted domestic terrorist.

Homeland - Ten - Monday at 8.30pm

Brazilian-born beauty Morena Baccarin talks about playing Brody's beleaguered wife Jessica and what's in store for this nail-biting series.

Q: Where are the writers going with the third season?

A: Well, I am always amazed that they paint themselves into a corner at the end of every season and then at the beginning of every season they somehow get themselves out and I am always amazed at how they do it. I really liked how it's only a few months after the second season ends so it is very current and a lot has happened but not a ton. They are still dealing with Brody being gone and "is he or isn't he" and him being gone, and the family is dealing with it, too and it is really heartbreaking and Dana hasn't dealt with it very well. It's been a harrowing experience for everybody.


Q: Compared to the first two seasons, what sort of journey are they on; is there a theme?

A: This season is very emotional and introverted, for everybody. Everyone is dealing with a whirlwind of s***, just crap flying at them, and they are dealing with it differently. It's all about picking up the pieces of that explosion literally and moving forward and letting go.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

A: Yeah, she has brought in help from her mom; she needs the support system. I think she is grasping at straws at this point and really trying to stay positive and be there for the kids, but she is feeling like she is failing and nothing is good enough because it is an impossible situation. So in this season you really see this woman not give up because she is not a martyr but she has to let go of a lot of things to move on and move forward. The season I think is a lot about letting go.


Q: Do you understand her or justify her for her actions?

A: I do understand her; I think she is stronger than I would be in that circumstance. I think I would be in a corner hysterically crying for three months and I don't know how you deal with your husband being a terrorist on national television and move on and the kids having death threats at school and bricks thrown through the windows, which is what happened to them while the show was off the air, so I think she is coping in the best way she can.


Q: What is going to happen with Jessica and Mike?

A: What is going to happen? He comes back. I think it is just bad timing. How do you start a life with someone who is so involved with a terrorist, a government threat. It's really an impossible situation. I really hoped those two would make it, but I don't know it's really up in the air. He's around.


Q: Would you stick with Brody as long as Jessica did?

A: I don't know. Sometimes I think no, but when you have kids I think it changes everything. She made a choice for her family and she is paying the price for it.


Q: Does she still love him?

A: I think yes in some way, not the Brody now, but the Brody she had married, yes. I think it is interesting that you see these two women fall in love with these two different Brodys.

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