Kevin Gordon Taylor was passionate about the future of Kingaroy and he genuinely cared for the town.
Kevin Gordon Taylor was passionate about the future of Kingaroy and he genuinely cared for the town. Barclay White

Honouring the life of respected South Burnett businessman

KEVIN Gordon Taylor was born on July 18, 1944 at Roma Hospital.

He was the first child of Gordon Thomas Taylor and Iris Elsie (nee Bertolotti); they lived on a property in Bymount, near Roma.

In 1950, the family moved to an 8000 acre property in North Bindango, 30 miles from Roma.

Sadly, in 1953, when Mr Taylor was only eight, he lost his father due to a fatal horse accident on the property.

His mother was left with the three young children, to run the property and school the children from home.

Mr Taylor always tried to be helpful and lend a hand to his mother and his siblings.

Apparently his mum liked to have fresh eggs and milk, however she kept complaining about having so many 'clucky chooks'.

So one day, when everyone else had gone to Roma, Mr Taylor and his brother, Trevor stayed home and decided to fix the chook issue for their mum.

The plan was to dunk the clucky chooks in old sump oil to see if that would help.

It wasn't noticeable on the black hens, but it really showed up on the white ones.

Kevin and Trevor thought they had done a good job until Mum came home and was concerned about the colour of her chooks.

Kevin attended the Roma High School for Year 9 and 10.

He loved his school sport and tennis was his favourite.

He became a very accomplished polocrosse rider, getting involved in many carnivals and horse sports.

Sheep and cattle were the main income earners for the property and he was always involved with the many jobs which needed doing on a regular basis.

During his teenage years, he participated in youth group activities and many church camps were held on their property.

He enjoyed meeting other young people through his rural youth activities.

It was not uncommon to travel long distances, anywhere between Charleville and Brisbane, especially when dancing opportunities were on the agenda.

It was through rural youth that Mr Taylor met and went on to marry Vicki in Roma in January 1970.

They had three children; Kym arrived in 1972, Chris in 1974 and David in 1976.

In 1974 with two-year-old Kym and Chris nearly due, they moved to Maroochydore so Mr Taylor could start his career in real estate.

In late 1975, the family decided to get back to the land and they bought a dairy farm in Tansey.

It was quite an experience, but not a good year to be in the dairying industry with prices being very low.

In September 1976, Mr Taylor traded the farm for a 180-acre property on the outskirts of Pomona and David was born in November.

The home was a little rough and had only an outside toilet so while Vicki was in hospital, Mr Taylor arranged to have a toilet put in which made coming home with a baby that much better.

They lived in Pomona for 14 years and this is where the kids did most of their schooling while Mr Taylor, with the help of his brother Trevor, established, owned and operated Pomona Real Estate.

Trevor and Kevin also had a second hand shop in Maroochydore for a time.

Perhaps it was his Italian heritage, but Kevin always had a passion for keeping family and business close.

He always liked to have the kids around and often got them out to help with work.

One particular story he always loved telling was when a rental property was trashed and abandoned near Kin Kin.

As he tells it, there was so much trash in every room of the house including dirty nappies, you could not even see the floor.

On what was undoubtedly a massive and unpleasant undertaking, the kids had the joy of helping their father with the clean up.

After some time they heard a knock on the door and it turned out a church group were door-knocking in the area, offering information and salvation.

Without missing a beat, Mr Taylor said, 'Thank GOD you are here. He must have sent you here to help us clean up'.

Needless to say, it was a very short conversation.

In 1990, Mr Taylor bought a real estate office in Mermaid Beach and the family made the move to the Gold Coast.

The family enjoyed living and working on the Gold Coast, with the kids attending high school and also helping at the office on the weekends.

Mr Taylor's oldest, Kym eventually worked full-time in the office until she married and moved to Brisbane.

In December 1996, Mr Taylor, his wife Vicki and youngest son, David moved to Kingaroy.

Mr Taylor had been working on a subdivision in town after buying a farm on the hill with the help of friend and business partner, Tom Macaulay.

As a teenager, youngest son David was quite often by his side learning and helping with the development projects.

Real estate was always a great love for Mr Taylor. He owned and operated various agencies over the years and enjoyed working with and helping people right up until the day he passed.

He was always first in the office and quite often the last to leave.

He was also very passionate about the future of Kingaroy and he genuinely cared for the town and wanted to see it thrive and grow.

Having been brought up in the country on a farming property, being on the land was his passion. You could say it was in his blood.

Mr Taylor bought a 17,000 acre property called Mourachan with youngest son, David in 1995.

He found great pleasure in sharing all of his farming knowledge including cattle, fencing and horses with David during this time.

They sold this property to Steve Irwin and then bought a 5000 acre property 50km south of Roma called Oberina.

He absolutely loved Oberina. It was truly a part of him.

He loved working with the cattle and horses and was very proud of sharing this lifestyle with his boys, Chris and David.

Mr Taylor keenly kept in contact with many relatives and friends whenever possible and was always generous in heart and spirit.

His grandchildren were the highlight of his life and he spent many Easter long weekend farm stays at the property taking the grand-kids for horse rides.

Mr Taylor was a devoted father, husband & friend.

He truly had a generous, honest and giving heart.

He was a guiding light in business and in life for his family and many others.

Kevin Gordon Taylor will be greatly missed.

July 18 1944 - November 28 2018.

Words provided by family and published with their permission.

A funeral service will be held at Virgo's Funeral Home Chapel, 24 Pioneer Avenue in Kingaroy on Thursday December 13 at 11am.

South Burnett

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