NOT-for-profit organisations are reminding those who plan to spend Christmas alone this year that there is another choice.

The Salvation Army and South Burnett CTC are putting on their annual Community Christmas Lunch for people in the community to enjoy a day of sharing, laughter and hope.

South Burnett CTC CEO Nina Temperton said it was a way to bring the community together.

"Ultimately it's to combat loneliness more than anything - to make people feel part of the community," Mrs Temperton said.

"If they are lonely or new to town or they're going through a bout of ill health, it doesn't matter.

"We want it to be a really inclusive event."

Mrs Temperton said Christmas was the time of year when people felt loneliness the most.

"It's one of the most difficult times for many of our clients, either because of poverty but also loneliness or struggling with mental health issues," she said.

"When the whole world puts it to you that Christmas is meant to be merry and social and happy families, if you for whatever reason don't have that, it makes it really hard."

The cooked lunch will include ham, beef, turkey and vegetables and a dessert of plum pudding and trifle.

Mrs Temperton said loneliness and isolation was an issue that should be tackled by the community.

"If everybody looked out for their neighbours over Christmas there wouldn't be any need for special organisations anymore," she said.

"If everybody just checked and made sure their own family, friends and neighbours know that they're cared for and that somebody is looking out for them, then that would be absolutely perfect."

Contributions are made by the Lions Club, Rotary Club and Quota Club each year, but donations are welcomed for the luncheon.

The Community Christmas Lunch will take place at the Senior Citizens Centre in Kingaroy on Thursday, December 24, from about noon and everyone is welcome.

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