Huskies are being purchased without research into their needs after the popularity of Game of Thrones
Huskies are being purchased without research into their needs after the popularity of Game of Thrones

How Game of Thrones left huskies homeless

AS GAME of Thrones wrapped up its monumental series this year, it seemed the (spoiler alert) unexpected ending and the vilification and death of everyone's favourite dragon queen was not the only controversial thing to come from the show.

Direwolves were some of the show's most beloved side-kicks, standing alongside their Stark owners through thick and thin.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Rockhampton's aspiring Westerosi locals, who jumped on the trend of adopting the creatures' dog breed, husky, without any research into their needs.

High-maintenace, hairy working dogs, they were not what many Rockhampton owners signed up for and as a result, Loz Batley and Brooke Lacey's CQ Animal Society Inc had to step in to rehome five local huskies to rescues across the country.

Ms Batley arranged temporary care for the Huskies, liaised with other rescues, and organised their vet care.

She then ordered special crates which would be sent to Sydney, then flew the huskies to the WA Husky Rescue.

Another dog named Sophia was also sent to a WA rescue and has since found her new home.

The pair hopes to continues rescue endeavours like these, and will host an English High Tea on July 7 at the Frenchville Sports Club to raise funds.

The Rockhampton women transformed their rescue group, Rockhampton Poundies on Death Row, into the incorporated association, CQ Animal Society Inc, as a way of taking a more proactive approach towards re-homing and fostering the city's unwanted cats and dogs.

CQ Animal Society Inc comes with charity status, allowing donations to be tax deductible, and with recruited foster carers taking temporary care and long term rehabilitation of pets.

The fund-raiser will run from 2-4pm at a cost of $47.50, which covers champagne, food, a door prize, and a donation towards CQ Animal Society Inc.

There will also be a multi-draw raffle running at the event.

All of the carers and the local Management Committee are volunteers, and the cost of rescuing, inoculating, neutering and transporting animals to their new homes quickly adds up.

Ms Batley and Ms Lacey began their first rescue group when they decided too many cats and dogs were being put down due to abandonment, living on the streets or having lost the interest of their owners.

"The staff at the pound really go above and beyond the call of duty to help the animals in their temporary care but they have to work within council policies and resources, and our existing pet rescue were overwhelmed," Ms Batley said.

"So Brooke and I got together and began Poundies on Death Row to publicise the animals whose time is up each week and we started a website and Facebook page."

The animal lovers soon began developing working relationships with dozens of other rescue groups across the country to find homes for Rocky's unwanted cats and dogs.

Help Out CQ Animal Society Inc

To purchase tickets visit or call 4932 6800

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