How a juror in the Tostee case almost caused a mistrial

A JUROR in the Gable Tostee murder trial almost caused a mistrial after it was revealed she had been instagramming her experience on the jury.

The juror, who cannot be named because of laws protecting the identity of jurors, had been posting photos on her way to Brisbane Supreme Court for jury duty each day to more than 2000 followers.

Jurors are instructed not to discuss the trial with anyone other than their fellow jury members just after they are picked for jury duty.

The court heard this juror had been breaching the rules outlined just after they were picked to be jurors.

Mr Tostee, 30, has been on trial charged with the murder of Warriena Wright, 26, who plunged 14 storeys from his Surfers Paradise apartment in the early hours of August 8, 2014.

The social media issue was identified just after the jury had reached a verdict, which was later revealed to be not guilty for both murder and the alternate manslaughter.

The jury was sequestered over the lunch break while Justice John Byrne heard a mistrial application from Mr Tostee's defence barrister Saul Holt.

It was alleged the jury member posting on social media did not post on the content of the trial, but identified themselves, which jeopardised their impartiality.

But Justice Byrne said he was not persuaded the social media posts had interfered with Mr Tostee's right to a fair trial.

Warienna Wright's mother was visibly upset with the news she may have to endure another trial into the death of her daughter, who was holidaying in Australia when she fell 14 storeys from Tostee's Gold Coast apartment balcony.

The news followed four days of jury deliberation over the role, if any, Tostee played in the death of Ms Wright, 26


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