Graham House in Murgon.
Graham House in Murgon. Michael Nolan

How the community has helped Graham House and farmers alike

OVER the past few months, the South Burnett has rallied together to do their best in supporting farmers who have been affected by the drought, storms, and other unpredictable conditions.

These residents have then donated their earnings to Linda O'Hare and her team at the Graham House Community Centre for accurate redistribution.

"We had a fundraiser night through the Red Ants, on Saturday a week ago. I think we raised about $9,000 there. Last Friday night the Mulanah Gardens did a fundraiser and we got $2800 from that, and we just received $16,000 from the BaconFest committee,” she said.

Though having previous government funding, with so many farmers in need, these extra helpings are detrimental for supporting the community.

"It's amazing to see so many people rallying their efforts. We have had government funding for drought support, but I was really getting to the bottom of the barrel with that. These contributions have helped topped us up again, and we've been able to help people that we couldn't help before,” Ms O'Hare said.

"We had drought support, but that didn't help the storm victims, and it didn't help the pig farmers.

"These donations have opened up opportunities for other farmers who were coming in and asking for help, those who we haven't been able to help until now.”

Despite all the help, Graham House will still need continued support in the future.

"All this money is going back to our farmers, but it's never enough. There are a lot of farmers really doing it hard, but that's money that we didn't have and now we've got it to support them. It truly does make such a difference,” Ms O'Hare said.

Ms O'Hare believes these fundraising activities may create a butterfly effect in the future.

"I think donating in the South Burnett has expanded. Because of the fundraising activities, not from us but from the people like BaconFest, Red Ants and Mulanah Gardens, it's got the community realising the farmers are really doing it tough, and that we are helping them,” she said.

"I hope these different activities will also continue helping us and supporting our causes in the future.”

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